• COMPETITION! Two playground games prizes to be won!

    20 January 2016

    EZ JAN 2016 COMP IMAGE2_150dpi

    This month we have two playground game prizes up for grabs.  First we have a set of the original Jenny Mosley's Pocket Books (5 books in total: Pocket Playground Games Volumes 1 & 2,  Ball Games, Craze of the Week and Long Rope Skipping Games) to give away and the other prize is one set of each of our new Clapping Games and Playground A4 games cards.  To enter, please go to our Facebook … read on

  • Yesss! Our new catalogue 2016!

    14 January 2016

    Catalogue Cover 2016

    We are sooo thrilled with our new 2016 catalogue - hot off the press, full of brilliant ideas and about to land on desks! DO look out for it - you can spot it by the bright new cover. Our despatch department has been busier than ever the last few months and that is how we know we are getting the resources spot on for schools who just keep coming back. Our new Dining Halls and playground … read on

  • Win "Better Behaviour through Golden Time" - two copies to give away!

    13 December 2015

    Product Image 574

    Win "Better Behaviour though Golden Time" If your Golden Time could do with refreshing, do enter our prize GIVEAWAY - for a chance to win one of two copies of 'Better Behaviour through Golden Time' (RRP £18.99 plus p&p).  FREE - Some children aren't ready for Golden Time, so click HERE for a FREE handout on 'Children Beyond Golden Time'.   Better Behaviour through Golden Time Givea … read on

  • Thinking Outside and Inside the ‘Think Box’

    08 December 2015

    Think Box on white

    Forever I have been (still am!) urging schools to evaluate and shine up their listening systems.  If children and adults are offered genuine, non-judgemental listening we know it boosts self-worth, self-esteem and self-efficacy.  (Just touch base again with Carl Roger’s work, it is relevant as ever).  Because today’s society is super-hyped up with technology the need for listening has ne … read on

  • QA Magazine - Lovely New Dining Hall Article and Review of New Dining Hall book

    03 December 2015

    Dining Hall Cover

    We are really pleased that Jenny new book, "How to Create Calm Dining Halls" has been featured in the latest, colourful edition of QA Education Magazine. QA Magazine is an essential guide to purchasing services and products. The book has also had a lovely review. You can see the review and article by clicking HERE and flicking to pages 12 and 13.             Website Editor's … read on

  • Ofsted and Dining Halls - plus our 'Golden Table of the Week' Sign Giveaway (competition now finished)

    20 November 2015

    0005 Golden table zone

    We are very excited to launch our new 'Golden Table of the Week' sign! A Golden Table in your dining hall helps everyone remember that you take the Dining Hall Rules seriously and are very happy, each week, to celebrate a group of children who show that they can keep those Rules. This new sign is one of our outdoor and zone sign range - all tough, colourful and fun. (Made from aluminiu … read on

  • Headteacher Update Nov 2015 - Our Article "How to Create a Calmer Dining Hall in Your School"

    10 November 2015

    Golden Table Crop

    We were delighted that Jenny's article "How to Create a Calmer Dining Hall in Your School" was featured on the Headteacher Update website on 5th November! The article can be linked to from here, and there is a copy below. We are so passionate about dining halls! So many have been left behind in the drive for school improvement and Jenny's new book "How to Create Calm Dining Halls" is fly … read on

  • Lancaster and Morecombe schools - what a great training idea!

    06 November 2015


    Here I am with two great headteachers!  I first met them when I was invited to speak at the Lancaster and Morecombe Headteachers Association Conference (see previous blog here) back in February 2015. The conference went really well and they wanted me to come back and work with all their staff - there are 28 schools in this particular cluster. They came up with a brilliant model which no … read on

  • At ENABLE Early Years Conference 2015

    05 November 2015

    ENABLE speaker image photo

      I was delighted to attend the ENABLE 2015 conference today! Wow! Congratulations to Helen Lumgair for such an inspiring day. She managed to bring together so many people who truly care about children and have devoted their lives to getting people to think about the truth. Too many great speakers to mention them all individually, so here are just a few snippets! I really enjoyed lis … read on

  • And relax. Calming children. Plus win free training places on calmer lunchtimes day in Hants (29 Jan 2016) or 'Calmer' booklet. Competition now closed!

    22 October 2015

    Site photo 171

    Calming Children Back Down after Busy Lunchtimes I have been so busy with my lunchtimes training for schools – everyone seems to be concerned about creating positive lunchtimes and playtimes – and often with just cause!  I’m really thrilled that schools are taking up the challenge to revamp their school dining hall systems and enliven their playgrounds to help make lunchtimes and pla … read on

  • Jenny Mosley's Dining Halls article in TES

    17 October 2015

    Dishing up life lessonDH TES_161015 100dpi

    We were delighted to see Jenny's dining hall article in the TES on 16th October 2015! You can CLICK HERE to see the edited article, the fully article is only in the printed version.                Website Editor's Notes 1. Jenny Mosley's article was called "Golden Rules will have pupils eating out of your hand" and a shortened version of the article can be accessed here:   … read on

  • Circle Times and Multi-culturalism

    13 September 2015

    Well as I write this (some weeks ago now!!) you lovely people are probably just rolling up your shirt sleeves to start the new term.  Have a little thought for all those teachers in International schools who started back in August.  I’ve just returned from working for a week with 3 schools in Abu Dhabi.  The heat gets up to 45⁰c and it’s like a wall.  These teachers do lunchtime duty eve … read on

  • Enjoying the company of your friends’ children!

    03 September 2015

    Phil Bates photo CROP4_USE

    What has struck me this year is how important, wise and funny some of our friends’ children are.  I’ve always loved them - my own children would always complain that I extolled their virtues too much because I wasn’t their parent and didn’t see “their bad side”.  Well I like not seeing bad sides, and I like it that they like me and that I don’t have to tell them off!!!  And now they’re o … read on

  • Win! One set of Golden Rules Box Set for Young Children or one of 5 Golden Rules posters

    24 August 2015


    Simple to enter! Win a Golden Rules Box set for young children or one of five Golden Rules animal posters. We know that young children respond well to simple, strong, charismatic images and engaging stories. We are therefore very pleased with this colourful box set - which we worked with the NDNA on. The animal poster is also a great reminder of the simple Golden Rules of gentleness, k … read on

  • ENABLE 2015 Early Years Conference - remember the date 5th November!

    18 August 2015

    Enable logo 2015

    I was delighted to be invited to attend the ENABLE Early Years conference, organised by Helen Lumgair ( I will be at our bookstall during the breaks and look forward to meeting everyone on the day. Here is a little about the conference and a flier is attached below - just click to download.     ENABLE 2 0 1 5 is a visionary conference designed to brin … read on

  • Joining the school food revolution - a school for children with autism and a creative approach to food

    05 August 2015

      We were really interested to see an article in the Guardian (Sunday 19 July 2015) about Queensmill School in West London. With 140 pupils on roll this school, for children with autism, was having difficulties with their lunchtimes and the dining hall. Whereas lunchtimes can be a trying time of day for all schools, it can be every more tricky for schools for children with autism due to … read on

  • What Works Well in Creating Calmer Dining Halls - and the School Food Plan

    30 July 2015


    Dining Hall Cover
  • Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) - how will you use yours?

    17 June 2015

    363W9685 - Resize CROP 1

    The new Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) funding equates to up to £300 extra per year for each disadvantaged child who meets eligibility criteria. This money will amount to a staggering £50 million for 2015 – 2016 and will be given to early years providers who are delivering funding entitlement to 3 and 4 year olds. Let's hope that this major funding development for early years and chil … read on

  • Jenny Mosley's training in Conwy - coming back to core values and a lovely 'thank you' letter

    12 June 2015

    Colwyn square

    May was another busy month for training bookings - with an emphasis on training for positive behaviour, lunchtimes training and training for primary schools in particular. On 19th May Jenny was asked to carry out a training day in Conwy by Wendy Ostler, a Healthy Schools Co-ordinator who worked with Jenny a long time ago. Wendy had been on one of Jenny's Train the Trainers courses years … read on

  • Learning and Fun - and Learning Brain Europe

    14 May 2015

    photo 2

    With only a week and a few days to go, Jenny is busy preparing for the Learning Brain Europe Conference which will be held on Friday 22 May in The Lowry, Salford. As a keynote speaker and workshop leader, Jenny is looking forward to the very good company of fellow speakers and topcis such as: Tools and Tips for Teachers by Dr Spencer Kagan  The Rock’n Roll Classroom by Dr Rich Allen.   … read on

  • Jenny Mosley TES Article 1st May 2015 - How Circle Time can turn around learning

    01 May 2015

    Site photo 103

    We were thrilled that Jenny's article was published in the TES on 1st May 2015, discussing the need for balance within the curriculm and ensuring that there is time and space for circle time, listening and the development of social skills. The TES blog about the article provides some background to it. (The article itself can be seen in the TES paper or for subscribers on their phone app. … read on

  • Win Emotions Resources! 2 sets of Emotions Flashcards to give away (Original RRP £20.34)

    24 April 2015


    (Read below for our monthly Give-Away competition)

  • Training Trip to Brazil 2015

    16 April 2015

    QCT 1 photo for gold award

    Hi I’m back from Brazil.  It was really exciting to be working in a big international school with children from age three to eighteen. I spent a week working in their pre-prep (early years), primary and senior schools. I think I did about 20 circle-times with different classes, a big circle-time with parents and lots of circle-times with teachers and support staff. I feel really positiv … read on

  • One day only - unmissable training opportunity at Watercliffe Meadow - that lives and breathes the Golden Model (12th June 2015)

    30 March 2015

    Meadow CafeP25

    A ‘Gold Award’ School Watercliffe Meadow is one amazing school - and they are opening their doors for one day for you to come and train with Jenny, see their systems working and meet staff and pupils! This is the only place that Jenny does this particular training day! CLICK HERE TO SEE A JENNY MOSLEY VIDEO CREATED BY THE SCHOOL, JENNY MOSLEY AND FLIM COMPANY MASH! Since the opening … read on

  • The Golden Rules – Internationally speaking - AND WIN GOLDEN RULES POSTERS!

    24 March 2015

    3Samoan Golden Rules

    Guess what? The Golden Rules are now in Samoan - see the beautiful poster above and read on below! I don’t know where to start with this one. There is so much that I would like to say about how important moral values – and hence the Golden Rules - are for children, no matter which country they live in, what school they go to or what language they speak. My Golden Rules are these   ... … read on

  • Win a set of 6 x A3 Playground Rules posters!

    24 March 2015

    Product Image 567

    (Read below for Give-Away competition)

  • Meg and the Matriarchs on Mother's Day

    20 March 2015

    photo Klimt-esque crop

    I've borrowed this image and writing from my daughter, Meg's, Facebook page.  Meg is an artist and takes some spectacular photographs! I so love this photo - lying down seems to help the older face a lot!!!  Bless her for remembering my Mum on Mothers Day too – she was a fabulous, outrageous, challenging, incredibly loving wonderful woman. Website Editor's Notes   1. To see … read on

  • Announcing our next deserving and very special Golden School – Tolworth Community Primary School

    06 March 2015


    It is always a pleasure to go in to lots of different schools as I do and to experience amazing practice and to discuss where there is room for improvement and suggest new or altered ways. And working with staff and pupils from Tolworth Community Primary School (which was then the Infant and Junior Schools) has been an absolute pleasure. With a dedicated, hard-working and talented staff … read on

  • Remember those playground games - and WIN a free LARGE outdoor CUT OUT GAMES SIGN!

    19 February 2015


    (See competition at the bottom of this article!)

    This month we are celebrating all the new resources in our 2015 catalogue. We always expect a good response when we send out our new catalogue but this year we are so thrilled that practitioners have told us that they can see straight away how the resources will benefit themselves and the children in their care - and they are keeping us very busy in the warehouse fulfilling orders!

  • Bringing joy to children in Malawi - some positive news

    16 February 2015


    Sometimes it takes so little to bring a lot of joy. Laura Macmillan, a young, enthusiastic positive teacher went out with a friend to Malawi and used a parachute in four different primary schools. The mothers were so impressed that they are going to make some more using their local fabric. They also taught all the teachers and parents lots of different games they can use. Honestly I a … read on

  • Jenny’s return to Motcombe Infant ‘Golden’ School

    10 February 2015

    photo 1

    Jenny went back to one of her very special schools just recently. Both Jane Midwinter and Fizz Starkey are ex-headteachers of this school and both have been accredited in the Whole School Quality Circle Time Model after attending Train the Trainers courses. And they have left a legacy of goldenness!! Fiona Day, acting headteacher has carried on the wonderful work and now Tracey Robinson … read on

  • Lancaster and Morecambe Heads Really Rock! A headteacher's conference not to miss.

    04 February 2015

    Windermene 3

    I had an unexpectedly lovely invitation to give a presentation on Inspirational Leadership for Lancaster and Morecambe Headteachers Association.  Wow – they know how to rock.  The conference was held in the best hotel ever – the Low Wood Hotel on the edge of the Windermere Lakes in Ambleside.  (Isn’t Ambleside beautiful – surrounding as it is by mountains – see the view from my window!!) … read on

  • Fancy hosting one of our Open Conferences? Free training for your staff!

    29 January 2015

    Site photo 59

    Budgets are stretched and more and more schools are choosing to host our very economical Jenny Mosley two day conferences free in their school. All you need is a good size hall, some refreshments and a little bit of time at the beginning to be given to publicising the course to their local schools. Places on the course are advertised at a very reasonable daily fee to other local teachers … read on

  • Early Years and 'Marfa' - grappling with the English language in Circle Time

    28 January 2015

    363W0269 - Resize - 4 early years on-task pupils in circle

    A few weeks ago I ran a circle time for 3 year olds in an inner city Children’s Centre with early years practitioners observing.  A few of them had no English and some children had emotional difficulties.  We all sat on little chairs in a circle on a wooden surface.  Very quickly the children discovered that if they banged their feet, it made a wonderful noise.  My quiet circle-time voic … read on

  • Thank you Gloucester! A great 2-day conference (20 and 21 January 2015)

    22 January 2015

      It was great to  return to Gloucestershire this week to hold one of our Open Conferences. The conference was supported through help with organisation and marketing by members of the Advisory Teaching Service in Gloucester. Both days were very well-attended with an enthusiastic group of delegates! On Tuesday 20th Jenny started with a day on Better Behaviour for Learning, focusing upon … read on

  • Jenny’s third training trip to beautiful Brazil in March 2015

    20 January 2015


    Jenny was thrilled to be invited back to Brazil again this year for a third training trip to visit St Paul’s School in Sao Paulo. With an exciting week planned, Jenny will be working with staff from the pre-preparatory, preparatory and senior schools. Having already worked with Jenny on two occasions, St Pauls has already fully taken on board the Golden Model, working  on different area … read on

  • Happy New Year 2015!

    06 January 2015

    Cats photo jpeg

    Well, what a way to start my New Year… finding this on my daughter’s facebook late last night! I never had time (usually asleep very early) but I sat up fast with indignation when I saw what she had put on!!! Then I couldn’t help laughing. The photo really does look like the ‘me’ I feel at the moment. A frazzled, downturned mouth…..a ‘seen better days’ type of person!!! I start off … read on

  • Hot off the press! Our new High Five posters range to show children what good behaviour looks like

    16 October 2014


    As an essential companion to the Golden Rules range, Jenny Mosley’s new High Five posters will really help children understand HOW to be: a great circle timer, a good friend, a great listener, calm in the corridor, play well and how to have good manners in the dining hall.

  • Honing the Playground Zoning in Brazil - Divide and Rule by Anne D'Heuresel Baldisseri TES Article Sept 2014

    20 September 2014


    Playground zoning has never been so effective - read how a creative school in Brazil, where Jenny Mosley has been training in her model, uses playground zoning amongst other strategies to get the very best out of playtimes.

    (Click on title to read full article ...)

  • Working with the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA), speaking at their conference - PLUS FREE handouts link here!

    10 September 2014

    Conference day two 2014 166

      I have long been a great admirer the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) and so working with them over the last year or so on the Golden Rules for toddlers box sets has been a very positive experience. We are thrilled with these brightly-coloured board books. The box set provides parents, nurseries and Children’s Centres a much-need way of introducing and reinforcing a set of … read on

  • India Training Visit 2014 - and an Indian Golden School to Remember

    28 August 2014

    JennyBlur (2) (2)(1)

    Wow – well, I’ve just got back from my India work trip – which was, as ever amazing, thrilling, challenging and wonderful.  Because I have been working in India over the last 14 years I have already written quite a few blogs on India.

    (Click title of blog to read on in full....)

  • Jenny and QCT in India - only a few words but lots of glorious photos!! July 2014

    23 July 2014


    Do enjoy these lovely photos - many thanks to Maya Menon and the teachers involved for looking after Jenny so well!

    (Click title to read on .... )

  • When Tyrone the puppet joined Class 1S – PLUS FREE Puppet Book offer!

    22 July 2014

    I am privileged enough to encounter very many inspiring teachers through my work in schools and at


    educational conferences. I was therefore delighted to meet a young teacher, Katie O'Sulivan, who not only reinforces the Golden Rules through such delightful ways as having Golden Rules mascots on each class table, but also had a very interesting member in her class. Katie explains it so much better than I could below. Please see Editor’s Notes at the end to see terms and conditions of Free 'Puppets At Large' book for every member of our 'Get Along Gang' purchased.

    (Click title to read on ... )

  • Universal Values, British Schools and The Magna Carta!!!

    23 June 2014

    Magna Carta 1

    My Golden Rules which are in some form or other in the majority of UK primary schools are a simple distillation of complex universal moral values. I pulled them together after working in the early 80s/90s with thousands of children and adults around what rules they wanted in their schools. 

    When studying all their “don’ts and do’s” that I realised they all fell naturally into six areas so children of all ages can access them.

    (Click title to read on ...)

    My Golden Rules ...

  • Keep Calm and Carry On ..... Relaxation and Calmness

    16 June 2014



    "Calm down”.  Wow, how I used to hate being told this when I was younger.  I was naturally excitable and “over the top” (another implied and applied criticism.)  Never were there any actual tips on how I could ‘calm down’. In education at that time we’d never heard of PHSE, Circle-Time or Mindfulness … so unless you found yourself in a 60’s flower-power hippy home you’d never heard of meditation or even ‘breathing’.

    (Click title to read on .... )

  • We're starting a Golden Time revolution!

    28 May 2014

    Isn’t Golden Time Wonderful – If it’s done well!!!

    (Click title to read on ... )

  • Very Cute Golden Time with Westbrook's Westie!

    19 May 2014

    photo 2 GT poster with Westie

    Ooooooh - I do love teachers' creativity! You all know my Golden Time.....originally I suggested a large sun with pegs on with all the children's faces on the pegs. If they break a golden rule the peg gets put on a sun with a cloud going over his face. If the child stops doing the inappropriate behaviour - the teacher says "good choice" and puts the peg back on the happy sun.

    (Click title to read on .... )

  • Play is for Everyone

    14 May 2014

    Jenny dressed for Easter

    Here’s a picture of me a couple of Saturdays ago – all dressed up in a hotchpotch of clothes (Indian skirt, Frida Kahloish tops, yellow converse) … and to top it all my fabulous felt roses crown made by my young friend Laura (she’s amazing – see details below!)

  • How QCT helped with a school's OFSTED inspection

    26 April 2014

    In my last blog I told you about a lovely school, Brockenhurst Primary School, led by Trudie Cawthra, who recently received an OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ for PSHE and SMSC. The Quality Circle Time model is fully embedded in this school and Trudie reports that OFSTED noticed many qualities within the children that the model works on.  As OFSTED seems to be placing greater emphasis on SMSC and behaviour, we were all delighted to read the following comments following their 2014 inspection:

  • What did OFSTED say about Quality Circle Time and Golden Time?

    25 April 2014

    Over the last few years we have had many positive comments from Headteachers extolling the virtues of using the Quality Circle Time model and how this has positively affected their OFSTED inspections and reports. Most recently we received this report below from one of ‘our’ Golden headteachers, Trudie Cawthra of Brockenhurst C of E Primary School who very recently gained ‘Outstanding’ for PSHE and SMSC:

  • Circle Time training in Vietnam - an insight into a beautiful country

    11 March 2014

    I was so excited! I have worked before in schools in Malaysia and Thailand but to be asked to travel to Vietnam to work with four schools felt extra special.  If I am really honest, it seemed extra attractive, exotic and mysterious because I was a 60s child brought up on the usual clutch of Vietnam movies – The Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, Good Morning Vietnam, and the like, so my imagination was still stuck in the brutal beating up of a country ravaged by war. In my mind, wilfully or just lazily, time stood still and I had failed to enquire further, but suddenly I was poised on a Vietnam adventure. 

  • Lovely new catalogue and end of year underspend

    20 February 2014

    Hi Everyone - we, at Positive Press, have all been beavering away (see our new hardworking beaver!!!) to produce lots of new resources to save you time and to give you loads of ideas for practical things to help life in classrooms and playgrounds be kinder, calmer and more focussed – and therefore more productive.

  • Positive Parents in Schools Making a Difference - Paving the Way for Very Powerful Parent Workshops

    24 January 2014

     When working on positive behaviour with teachers, we can become very focused upon children’s expectations and behaviour just at school. It was a pleasure for Jenny, while working with the very dedicated staff from Beckford Primary School recently, to be invited to also hold a parent workshop. Jenny first demonstrated circle time with children for the parents to observe. In the followin … read on

  • Announcing the new edition of – “Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School”

    19 December 2013

    People often assume that Quality Circle Time is for younger children when in reality the need of secondary pupils is just as great. Pupils in primary schools become accustomed to having a regular, safe space in which to spend invaluable time with their peers listening, speaking, being heard, learning essential life skills and contributing to their school community. Just when life starts to get harder and pupils transfer to secondary school, in addition to facing the extra challenges of having different teachers for different subjects, and different rooms and systems, many lose their weekly Circle Time sessions so they lose all the benefits they had gained during regular Circle Times.

  • Aaaaargh ......WET PLAY!

    11 November 2013

    Aaaaaargh  … WET PLAY!! Two words that strike dread into the soul. Not only am I regularly quizzed, on my lunchtime conferences, for good ideas on how to make the most of it – but I still, even having given up proper teaching years ago, experience regular wet play too. 

  • We all need to Shine - Who's your Star this Week?

    02 October 2013

    Everyone has a light inside them. Nelson Mandela famously urged us all to allow our light to shine strongly and not to hide it through fear. If anyone is entitled to talk in these terms it is Mandela. To be hidden away for 27 years and to come out with a strong light of forgiveness is truly inspirational. May his light of wisdom, humour and love shine on long after his death.

  • Let’s talk about the ‘Tell A Good Tale Jar’ and ‘Class Target Reward’ System!

    27 September 2013

    Sometimes its really good to think about how to motivate children to be really positive and to notice each other’s good social skills and good listening. In our experience, many pupils respond really well to group incentives – here are some ideas that are already embedded in the QCT model.

  • Ever considered the Golden Rules being used at home?

    29 August 2013

    After revisiting New Zealand in 2012 we received a lovely “Golden Rules at home” story that we would like to share with you. This fits so well with our thoughts on the Golden Rules and toddlers that we have recently created a whole new boxed set especially for young children.

    The teachers that Jenny trained were highly enthused about the model and even the parents became very involved. So much so that one of the teachers received a lovely little story to this effect from a parent:

  • Playing and playfulness – can we still just ‘let go’ and play?

    07 August 2013

    “The playing adult steps sideward into another reality; the playing child advances forward to new stages of mastery.” Erik H. Erikson

  • Social and emotional learning - where are we now?

    17 July 2013

    Never has supporting social and emotional intelligence been more important than now. There’s such a huge government push on academic attainment that quite often the whole child can be forgotten. Each of us has many intelligences and for each of us to have a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence we need to know all our different selves. We need to value our ability to get on with people, to give warmth, to defuse conflict, to be calm under pressure, to be positive and joyful at times as much as we value doing well in tests. Currently there is no space in the curriculum for this emphasis and social and emotional learning has to take a back seat.

  • Traditional and New Playground Games

    07 June 2013

    I have written before about how getting playtimes and lunchtimes golden and fun for children and adults is my passion (see previous blogs - Sledging in Genevathe incredible importance of playingLaughter in schoolsSchools Need Each Other).

  • Laughter in schools

    10 May 2013

    Laughter in schools

    Laughter is fabulous. So much has been written scientifically in the last decade about how it is physically so good for you but lets never forget how it nourishes your spirit. It lifts you out of the ordinary every day routine to touch the part that really matters – that we can’t control anything in life. The unexpected ‘likeness of being’ that laughter brings connects us to the real treasure that life has to offer us. The moment when laughter joins us together through giggles, smiles or even belly laughs and we feel the absurdity of our seriousness, we are truly splendidly human.

  • Schools Need Each Other!

    18 March 2013

    Living as we do, in such troubled educational times, schools need each other for support, wisdom and inspiration. The old barriers of competition, one-upmanship and insecurity need to be dismantled to allow the winds of a more spiritual approach to sweep through the landscape. We need to be bigger than the problems that trouble us and by reaching out to others we’ll find the solutions for ourselves too. Read on for my blog about a brilliant lunchtimes project!

  • Positive playtimes with snowballs and sledges in Geneva!

    05 March 2013

    Read how the children in Switzerland were enjoying their playtimes when Jenny went there to train the school's teaching assistants last week.

  • The Incredible Importance of Playing! Just a few places left in Sheffield where you can experience a 'Golden School' for yourself!

    21 January 2013

    We, adults and children, all need our senses inspired and invigorated in order to be really imaginative – and there’s probably no better stimulation in the world than SNOW!!  Suddenly play fights, sculptures and snow angels appear from nowhere.

    My daughter is 32 … down came the snow and out went Meg with our previously packed away Christmas polar bear to look at the new world from his point of view.  Her images made me smile and want to share them with you.

  • Jenny shares some family Golden Moments at her Pizza Hut party!

    04 December 2012

    Its Jenny's daughter Meg here - Mum is horribly busy at the moment and can’t find time to write … but she’s not too busy for her 6 grandchildren so we had such a nice night I thought I would sneakily go on Mum’s blog and tell you all about it …

  • Oh – WOW AGAIN – more goldenness, this time from New Zealand!

    16 November 2012

    Only last week I wrote about the Greenwich school who had brightened up their children’s lives with the Golden Rules, Golden Tickets ….and the Golden Throne – where the lucky winner of the Golden Draw could choose to sit on the Golden Throne during the weeks assembly. Then, in the same week arrives the story and photos from another Golden Hearted Teacher in New Zealand who, having met … read on

  • Be the Change You Want To See

    15 November 2012

    This simple statement has such a moral ‘punch’ to it. It is attributed to Ghandi – and its simplicity and stark truth are certainly his hallmarks. Many years ago when I first started working in India my daughter and I, when in Mumbai, went to Ghandi’s house. It was as if he’d just walked out of the door. Nothing hidden away, tidied up or behind glass; just notebooks open mid-sentence, p … read on

  • Oh Wow, Goldenness Everywhere!

    28 October 2012

    A few days ago at Greenacres Primary School & Children’s Centre, Eltham, London I walked into an emotional richness and goldenness. Every day in my training I urge schools to put the golden rules into the ‘heart’ of all they do. 

  • Hong Kong Visit 2012

    26 October 2012

    JM Hong Kong Circle Time  parachute

    Jenny wrote this blog entry in the gorgeous - Victoria Shanghai Academy in Hong Kong and enjoyed the view from probably has the best playground view in the world (and that is said from a woman who played queenie, queenie, who’s got the ball with children in Rio – under the glare of the outstretched arms of the Statue of Christ on the mountain!)

  • My New Zealand Trip 2012

    12 October 2012

    maori children 1

    Jenny had another trip to the stunning New Zealand! Read about how Circle Time fits beautifully in New Zealand!

  • A Tribute to Staff in International Schools

    10 September 2012

    I am a lucky woman! My work travels far often via enthusiastic teachers, many of whom have used my ideas in the UK and then taken them successfully to their new international school. I am a consultant too and have trained in many international schools – and have just arrived back from giving a two day workshop to St Ignatious Primary and Secondary schools in the Cayman Islands. It was ex … read on

  • 'Going For Gold' with Jenny!

    05 July 2012

    Come and join us! We're 'Going for Gold' to tie in with surge of sporting and Olypmic energy this year! The Olympic and Paralympic Games are more than just about sport, they are underpinned by Pierre de Coubertin’s (the founder of the modern Olympic movement) philosophy. He saw the Games as a great opportunity to promote a set of values that could be applied to sport, education and to so … read on

  • There’s nothing like a quick massage to lift your spirits on a rainy day!

    04 July 2012

    owlerbook photo - Resize

    Here is a photo of some happy smiling faces in the middle of an ordinary staff room having some training with Jenny. Any staff can get in a shoulder massage line and have bonus golden moments – all tension can leave the back of the neck – and a good laugh can dispel any worries. “Just wanted to express our thanks for a wonderful training day (best ever) with Jenny yesterday. All the s … read on

  • Beautiful Brazil 2012 - Segment 5: Being in Brazil and those Existential Questions!

    30 May 2012


    My questioning of the meaning of life is so childish and homespun that I should not really be committing these random thoughts to anyone’s sight. Ah well – I might get some help so it may be worth it. In my time, mainly in the brightness of youth, I read amazing philosophers; Sartre, Simone Weil, Bede Griffiths, Theilard de Chardin … I worshipped at the light of their beautiful intellect … read on

  • Beautiful Brazil 2012 - Segment 4: The Conference

    19 April 2012


    The Conference At the end of the weeks work in St Paul’s school they hosted a huge open conference ‘Educating To Keep Pace With Change’. What was so amazing was that many of St Paul’s parents financially supported it so it could open up to non English-speaking Brazilian government schools as well. Maybe about 300 delegates attended. For non English-speaking delegates they bought in tran … read on

  • Beautiful Brazil 2012 - Segment 3: St Paul's Seconday School

    18 April 2012

    DSCN9847 - Crop

    During my last visit, 2010, we had sowed seeds with the secondary teachers by me running some circle time sessions with senior students – but this second visit was to explicitly spend more time building on this foundation. Lets face it we all know that most secondary teachers throughout the world are operating within an overcrowded curriculum, a climate of Draconian inspections, with ver … read on

  • Beautiful Brazil 2012 - This is Segment 1: Brazilian Stamina

    06 April 2012

    DSCN9847 - Crop

    Oh, where do I start? Being away for nearly a month in Brazil is huge – and I don’t know where to begin. I think I’ll write it in segments – segments of juicy Brazilian fruits that are so exotic I have never seen or heard of them before.

  • Mothers Day

    18 March 2012


    Well, I’m on the eve of another adventure as I’m off to Brazil this week (via some primary schools first in Doncaster!). Whenever I’m about to fly off somewhere I get this primal urge to touch base first…. to get out the treasured memories…. to say ‘hello’ to friends -  and to be reflected back in loved ones eyes -  before I disappear again into the unknown!!. Yes, I’ve been there before … read on

  • You All Cheer Me Up So Much!

    15 February 2012

    Hi Everyone, I am really incredibly lucky as, all over the country, I get lovely comments and emails telling me what you are doing. Do you remember some time ago I wrote a blog about starting intergeneral circle time in an older people’s home in Sheffield – this was in May 2011. I have just had a lovely little letter sent from Emma, a teacher at Watercliffe Meadow school, who has ke … read on

  • Happy 2012!

    18 January 2012

    Hi Everyone – very, very sorry I have been so quiet! I find the long build up to Christmas and Christmas itself gloriously wonderful ….and desperately exhausting! Partly it’s so tiring because even after all of these years, as some of you know already, I have a very rosy – tinted view of how Christmas should be, based on a childhood addiction to the Waltons. I have worked very hard … read on

  • India, India - my 2011 visit

    23 November 2011

    Sun dapples through the ‘flame trees’, large butterflies swoop, dragonflies shimmer and hover – am I the luckiest person in the whole wide world!?? I am on an old tiled veranda of a beautiful ancient crumbling house in the centre of Bangalore. It is the noisiest, fastest, most bustling I.T. centre of India. Yet street sellers still hunker next to huge baskets of blazingly coloured … read on

  • Training the Trainers in New Zealand 2011

    30 August 2011

    Oh….Where do I start? …..What I am really thrilled about though is that I am slowly building up a relationship with a cluster of small rural primary schools in low socio-economic area which has a cultural mix that is predominantly New Zealand European, Maori and an increasing number of Samoan families. Last year I ran a Train the Trainers there (do any of you remember that on that blo … read on

  • "Help the Aged, one time they were just like you"

    22 August 2011

    Following on from my last blog about "Adopting and Older Person's Home" I am reproducing here my own daughter's blog - she went to an intergenerational circle time project,� joined in and took photographs. Later she was inspired to write her own blog. Do read here what Meg says: "Help the aged, one time they were just like you.”“Help the aged,one time they were just like you,drinking … read on

  • Findhorn Laughter Workshop

    08 July 2011

    Sooo, my day ‘Learning Through Laughter in Schools’ loomed after Patch had done his 2 days, and Lesley Quilty a magnificent clown therapist who works across the UK and internationally, ran a highly acclaimed clowning workshop….Then me! Now - those of you who know me well will know that, even after all these years, I get horribly tummy-churningly nervous, before any presentation. And … read on

  • Patch Adams

    09 June 2011

    Wow! I’ve just stood in the same spotlight and space as Patch Adams. Please tell me you are old enough to remember who he is!!! He became famous when Robin Williams (yes, the actor!) played him in a film of the same name! The film showed the period of his life when he was a GP in the USA who revolutionised hospital care for children by introducing humour, laughter and clowning. Eve … read on

  • One For All, All For One

    25 May 2011

    Okay, this is going to be a big and passionate blog! For that reason, I have divided it into Part 1 and Part 2! Part 1 I am brandishing a sword of revolution and truth and I am calling you all to arms with ‘my gang’ so you become one of ‘our gang’! Forgive me (and please stay with me) as I am sure the blog is going to tumble out in a disordered way as I have so much to say and too man … read on

  • Paolo and Joan!

    21 May 2011

    Paolo and Joan!Sometimes what your body’n soul cries out for is just to be in the presence of great live music. Music you think if only you had the talent; their songs are exactly the ones you’d have written!So, in the last few weeks I went to see a new love and an old love. My new love I discovered last year at Glastonbury. My friends’ son had whisked me down TO THE FRONT AND THERE HE W … read on

  • Our own (faux) Royal Wedding!

    18 May 2011

    Hi everyone here is a quick cheating blog! I have snitched my daughter, Meg's, blog and photos because they are funny and features me as Camilla and mum as the Queen! I have never worn a straight skirt before or shoes with a heel and glam stockings – so I actually loved being Camilla and didn’t take the outfit off for nearly 3 days. It is great to dress up – isn’t it? If I get a m … read on

  • Up the Chilean Mountain

    03 May 2011

    Oh where on earth do I start! Well, I am still on Chilean earth, still cracked by previous earthquakes. I have been doing some Chilean love tweets. Having never tweeted before I think they are a bit like trying to create a Haiku – looks simple but isn’t at all!!! I am sitting under palms, bright blue skies and thumping golden sand. I am fitting in a few mini-adventures in amongst … read on

  • Easter blog!

    26 April 2011

    I love Easter but sadly I have no time to write this so I am ‘borrowing’ the next paragraph off my daughter’s facebook as she came to our Easter party and its got her particular slant on it - oh and I am putting some photos in below - and there will be a few more on my Facebook account!! “Mum's bonkers Easter party involved the mandatory bright colours, Indian saris and champers b … read on

  • From Good to Great Schools. COBIS conference Prague

    17 March 2011

    I was asked to present workshops at the 2011 COBIS conference. A huge privilege as I adore Prague. I think it might be my favourite city. Much better than “good” – it’s a “great” city! I gave a lot of thought to the conference theme as to what makes a school great. I chased a range of high ideas around, but in the end I think that anything that is truthful is simple and full of comm … read on

  • Love, Life and Justice

    01 March 2011

    These words headlined the newspaper story of the death of my younger cousin – John Kelly. I didn’t write about him in my last blog, even though I mentioned going to Sydney for a conference – which is where he lived. I needed time to think. John, an experienced climber was, just after Christmas helping to take young people mountaineering. He fell and died immediately. His wife Cathy had, … read on

  • Circling The Chaos and Loving Life

    10 February 2011

    Apparently I need a strap line to stay forever with my new blog site! The one above feels the best – what do you think? I feel I have just circled the whole world, as I have just come back from taking QCT to Oz and NZ. At the conferences I met the same leap of energy and warmth from all the delegates. Like anything good and sustainable in education – my model is based on commonsens … read on

  • Inspire / Aspire for 2011

    18 January 2011

    I really need to look outwards and upwards again. Having holed myself up in the small hot claustrophobic world of family (see Christmas blog!) I now need to gulp fresh air, fresh ideas and look forwards. I need to be inspired! So many people do inspire me; so I don’t really know where to start. Next door to our office lives a 94 year old woman. I see her go up and down the pavement on … read on

  • Christmas – Tinsel and Tantrums!

    14 January 2011

    I have always had a highly unrealistic picture of how Christmas should be – based on my love of ‘Little Women’ and ‘Little House on the Prairie’.So every year I always cherish a Little Hope that this Christmas my dream will come true! After all, the white snow icing on the picture cake came true! I try hard to make it look effortless. Every single thing in my house gets decorated – moun … read on

  • Practise Random Acts Of Kindness

    03 June 2010

    Site photo 207

    ‘Practise Random Acts of Kindness’ Over the years I’ve seen this quotation on my greetings cards. It actually goes on to say "...and senseless acts of beauty”! Kindness is my favourite Golden Rule (tho’ I can often break it too). I’m just reading a book called ‘Why Kindness is Good for You’ (David Hamilton) and the great news is that scientific evidence proves kindness is physically good … read on

  • Paolo and Joan!

    21 May 2010

    Site photo 205

    Sometimes what your body’n soul cries out for is just to be in the presence of great live music. Music you think if only you had the talent; their songs are exactly the ones you’d have written! So, in the last few weeks I went to see a new love and an old love. My new love I discovered last year at Glastonbury. My friends’ son had whisked me down TO THE FRONT AND THERE HE WAS…..I could a … read on

  • If you’ve never caught a rabbit you ain’t no friend of mine!

    19 May 2010

    Any of you who have been on my training courses will know I regularly refer to life’s “ambushes”!  Weeeeelll!!  Finally Meg (my daughter), Zara (my website manager) and I arrive at a local hotel for a long overdue meeting about new ideas and resources for Positive Press.  Briefing papers out, laptop on, mind alert – then I look out of the window (I’ve always had poor concentration!) and … read on

  • If you’ve never caught a rabbit you ain’t no friend of mine! (Blog 19th May 2010)

    19 May 2010

    � � Any of you who have been on my training courses will know I regularly refer to life’s “ambushes”!� Weeeeelll!!� Finally Meg (my daughter), Zara (my website manager) and I arrive at a local hotel for a long overdue meeting about new ideas and resources for Positive Press.� Briefing papers out, laptop on, mind alert – then I look out of the window (I’ve always had poor concentrat … read on