Golden Rules & Golden Time

Golden Rules and Golden Time

The Golden Rules and Golden Time are a fomidable duo! Together they provide an awesome positive behaviour and sanctions system that couple with behaviour guidelines that are based

Site photo 196on moral values. We provide training for better behaviour and training for positive behaviour management which features the Golden Rules and Golden Time.  

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Golden Time

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Golden Time can help teachers and classes achieve thier full potential by optimising positive behaviour management!  When Golden Time is fully implemented, teachers tend to spend less time on behavioural issues and more time teaching. Golden Time is a whole school (or class) activity session to celebrate keeping the Golden Rules. Golden Time activities are special activities that the children have chosen to do. With a consequence for their actions, children learn about the difference between positive behaviour and keeping to the golden rules, and disruptive or unhelpful behaviour that stops everyone moving forward. 

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OPEN CONFERENCES: Jenny holds very affordable, 1 and 2 day conferences around the country for Quality Circle Time and Better Behaviour for Learning, as well as Powerfully Positive Dining Halls and Playgrounds and Vibrant Circle Times for Early Years. To see all these open conferences dates and venues, please CLICK HERE.

Research tells us that the removal of a privilege or treat is the best sanction or consequence, and therefore along with a colourful visual warning system, minutes of Golden Time may be taken away for persistently breaking the Golden Rules. Our Golden Time resources feature a practical book (Better Behaviour through Golden Time) on how to fully implement this behaviour management system. The book has lots of ideas for Golden Time activities and ways of best introducing and maintaining this popular system. Our catalogue features sandtimers as a visual display of time lost, warning systems, a celebratory golden class book and celebratory Golden Time certificate pads.  The best thing is that children love it Golden Time activities – they understand the system, the system is fair, they adore Golden Time and everyone wins!  On Facebook nearly 50,000 secondary pupils joined a site dedicated to the Golden Time that they loved in primary school!

Golden Rules

Every educational community needs golden rules or school values to live by. The Golden Rules are specially


developed for children as they encompass the key broad moral values.  These rules are different from the classroom routines which help to organise the classroom, like putting away the scissors or lining up quietly.  The moral values fall within the categories of being kind and helpful, honest, gentle, listen well, working hard and looking after property. With this set of golden rules clearly depicted, discussed and embedded in your classroom, your children will have a great picture in their mind of what good and respectful behaviour is. 


All children, especially those whose minds are hot with chaos, need key messages to be reinforced with the spoken word, kinaesthetic activities, and pictorially with pictures, posters, stickers and animated stories.  Jenny Mosley’s Golden Rules range does all of this!  There are Golden Rules animated stories to embed the rules through captivating tales, a wonderful Golden Rules in Action range of books to provide engaging and enjoyable activities to practice and reinforce the rules.  There are stickers to celebrate keeping the Golden Rules and posters to reinforce the messages through your classroom and school. Our Golden Rules box set for young children helps to reinforce the Golden Rules for pre-schools and nurseries. Don’t leave your classroom rules to chance – teachers who use these resources are delighted that it has all been done for them!  Let us take the strain!  Let your class blossom!

Training and resources

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