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Golden Time

What is Golden Time?

Golden Time is a whole-school community celebration, a special reward session for the children who have kept all week a set of school values that we call the Golden Rules. Up to an hour can be set aside for Golden Time, so that every child can stop work and have a weekly session in which very special, enjoyable activities are on offer. Children in early years and special education settings have a shorter daily session. Golden Time is intrinsically linked to the Golden Rules.

Golden Time can help your class and you, as a teacher, achieve your full potential! Teachers who have fully implemented the Golden Time system tend to spend less time on behavioural issues like tackling challenging behaviour and more time on teaching and building their learning community.

Golden Time is a fantastic, positive behaviour management system in its own right, much appreciated by pupils and teachers up and down the country. Those involved in it know that Golden Time works, is manageable, when carried out properly it carries on working and when done well, it can be wonderful! Originally Golden Time was developed as part of a systemic model, the Whole School Quality Circle Time model. Golden Time is rooted in sound, psychological theory but you don’t have to take our word for it, Golden Time has been tested and used all over the country for years now.

Golden Time has become a key strategy for celebrating behavioural success and when it is made clear to pupils that it is linked to the school’s Golden Rules. Also when it is a well-organised session, not a run-down Friday afternoon session where children do colouring and puzzles with bits missing! A key strategy for success is when the concept is built up with children so that everyone knows that it is a community celebration of the school’s values.

Why to do use the colour gold for Golden Time? Gold has been chosen for centuries to denote wealth and status, but to us, Golden Time gold symbolises a richness in positive values, attitudes and qualities. As a society we find an enormous sense of worth in the skills of communication, giving, co-operation, understanding and sharing. Gold in this respect represents a psychological and emotional treasure chest that children can delve into, to support and encourage them through their learning and growing.

Click Here to see our Golden Time and Click Here for Golden Rules resources. Click Here to go to our training section where a number of courses cover the use and background to the Golden Rules and Golden Time.

Research tells us that the removal of a privilege or treat is the best sanction or consequence, and therefore along with a colourful visual warning system, minutes of Golden Time may be taken away for persistently breaking the Golden Rules.  Our Golden Time resources feature a practical book on how to fully implement this fantastic positive behaviour management system.  Additionally our catalogue features sandtimers as a visual display of time lost, warning systems, a celebratory golden class book and celebratory Golden Time certificate pads.  The best thing is that children love it – they understand the system, the system is fair, they adore Golden Time and everyone wins!  On Facebook nearly 40,000 secondary pupils have joined a site dedicated to the Golden Time that they loved in primary school!

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