Powerfully Positive Lunchtimes and Playtimes and Calm Dining Halls (Wednesday 25th January 2017, Cambridge, CB4 1RN)
09:00 to 15:00

This day will help your school create calmer dining halls and playgrounds.  Jenny has hundreds of tried and tested ideas which can be immediately put into practice on your return.  Unmissable for schools who have problems from lunchtimes which spill over into the afternoon affecting children’s learning and staff morale! This course is for Teachers, TAs, Midday/Lunchtime Supervisors, headteachers – everyone.  Schools and settings find it’s better to send different people on each day so you spread enthusiasm to all areas of the school!

Jenny Mosley is a national and international trainer and acclaimed founder of the Quality Circle-Time model.  Jenny’s work and motivation has had an impact in thousands of schools.  She wrote, for the DfE, the circle-time guidance for Early Years, Primary and Secondary SEAL.  She also wrote the Happier Lunchtimes and Playtimes Guidance for the Primary National Strategy.  She has published the first ever book on ‘How to Create Calm Dining Halls’. Find out how Jenny’s ideas support British Values and the latest guidance from Ofsted.

What past delegates say: 

My head is buzzing with new ideas and I can’t wait to spread some joy!  I would love everyone at my workplace to feel exactly the same as me! I feel absolutely motivated and how I felt when I first started this job 15 years ago! Mim Slater, TA, Northborough Primary School

Please thank Jenny…she is truly inspirational.  Playtimes are now much improved, and we are working on all the issues, having fun and playing lots… Louise Siriwetchaphan, Pupil Support Worker, Beechwood Primary School, Leeds


Cost:  £115 per day. Group bookings (4 and over) £95 per head per day (all plus VAT).  Lunch and refreshments included.

Booking: Please download (see Download ‘button’ below) and complete application form and fax back to  01225  755631 or email to joannap@jennymosley.co.uk or post to Jenny Mosley Consultancies, 28A Gloucester Road, Trowbridge, Wilts BA14 0AA.   If you have any queries please contact Joanna on 01225 767157.  www.circle-time.co.uk


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