Golden Moments … And Nuthatch Canal Boat Hire Near Bradford On Avon!

Canal boat hire near Bath

The Importance Of Looking After Yourself And Taking Golden Moments – and Nuthatch Canal Boat Hire Near Bradford On Avon

Many people have heard me on training days talking about staff wellbeing and the importance of looking after yourself as an adult, especially if you work with children. Children can be the most delightful, inspiring and exhausting people to work with – so you need huge amounts of energy to keep up with them all and to be the inspiring and motivational role model that they need!

Especially relevant is that part of my self-care plan for staff, and part of my Staff Wellbeing Training, consists of working on creating a great work-life balance. Like trying to keep things in perspective and of taking Golden Moments. A Golden Moment is a consciously-taken short break from whatever you are doing. Possibly, it is stopping for a moment, to breathe and become mindful of how lucky you are. However, there are many times of day and activities you could choose for your ‘spiritual mini-treat’. See some examples that may fit around a school or weekend day:

  • A lunchtime walk appreciating the outdoors.
  • Sitting with your favourite cappuccino.
  • Finding something creative that you love doing.
  • Yoga stretches or a run round the school field.
  • A long soak in a bubble bath, a flickering scented candle and a glass of something lovely and chilled!

As a result, for many of us, the unwinding works best when we try to spend those Golden Moments being in the present moment. Really enjoying the moment of peace and letting your body and mind relax for a short time.

However, when it comes to holiday time and days off, most of us like to take this to the next level. Ideally we will find more time to relax for much longer or to have a break or a trip away.

Canal Boat Hire Near Bradford On Avon

Over the last few years, my little canal boat, Nuthatch, has provided more Golden Moments for me than I could have imagined. (Canal Boat Hire Near Bradford On Avon.) It is so lovely being on the canal, the pace of life is so much slower than on land and being out in nature next to the wildlife is superb. I often chat to canal tow-path walkers and stop to have a meal or a drink at a canal-side eaterie or pub.

Sometimes I just sit on deck with my cup of tea, sun or breeze on my face and feel the deep relaxation that comes from being outdoors in nature….

…So, The Good News… Nuthatch Is Now Available For Hire!


BOOK NUTHATCH HERE (Canal Boat Hire Near Bradford On Avon).

Nuthatch Boat Hire

So, I’m having a different set of golden moments at the moment – they’re called grandchildren!!  Due to them, I spend lots of time in the holidays scampering about on beaches or in woods or up to my neck in play-dough. Or as my 4 year old granddaughter Millie said… letting them “go feral”.. she must have picked that word up from her Mum but it really made me laugh.  So I have decided rather than let Nuthatch go feral or go to another home I will put her for hire for weekends, weekdays or for a whole week.

The boat is 2-3 berth, comfortable and with a nice ‘lived in’ feel. Consequently this means I can let it out more cheaply than some of the others on the canal. You will receive instructions and enough training to be fully equipped to go navigating the canals. I am so lucky that Nuthatch is on the beautiful Kennet and Avon Canal. The views are stunning! Also it is perfect being able to visit unspoilt countryside plus places like Bath, Avoncliff, Bradford-on-Avon, Devizes, Seend. And there is always so much to see along the way.

 Nuthatch – Canal Boat Hire Near Bradford On Avon


See Nuthatch Boathire webpage


Phone: 07598 846548


The Kennet and Avon Canal at Seend Cleeve. (Nuthatch not pictured here)

The Kennet and Avon Canal running under ornate bridges in Bath (Nuthatch not pictured here.)


Website Manager’s Notes

  1. To Hire Nuthatch and to ask about availability, please phone 07598 846548 or email
  2. See Nuthatch Boathire webpage here:
  3. Do ask us about Jenny Mosley’s training for staff which is highly acclaimed. Jenny works on work-life balance, keeping life in perspective. Also on strategies, like taking Golden Moments, to renew energy and recharge batteries.