Jenny and QCT in India – only a few words but lots of glorious photos!! July 2014

Do enjoy these lovely photos – many thanks to Maya Menon and the teachers involved for looking after Jenny so well!

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Jenny is currently in India working with the the Teacher Foundation, directed by Maya Menon, with whom Jenny has had a long working relationship over many years. Maya Menon and The Teacher Foundation have worked together to bring together the QCT Golden Model, along with other initiatives to help keep schools safe and sensitive, to many Indian schools.

We don’t yet have a full report of the trip and the training so we would just like to show you in pictures some of the highlights so far (not in chronological order!).

(Many thanks to Maya and all the teachers and children involved for allowing us to show these lovely pictures!)

A colourful and engaged training day!

Website Manager Notes

1.  For more information about The Teacher Foundation please go to:

2. During this trip, Jenny has been working in the following schools:

La Martiniere School for Boys in West Bengal
Jain College in Bangalore
Vasant Valley School in New Delhi
Shriram School in Gurgaon, New Delhi

3.  Jenny Mosley has had very strong links with The Teacher Foundation and during these ten years has visited India regularly to work with Maya Menon, the Director of TTF, and with many teachers and schools on international training projects.

4. Jenny Mosley has successfully taken her Golden Model to many different countries worldwide. The model easily embraces different cultures and countries and works successfully with educational system that we have come across to date. To find out more about Jenny Mosley’s international training and partnership working and how her training, consultancy, resources and conferencing can help support your organisation’s aims, please phone 01225 767157 or email