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Zoning and Zone Managers 

We’re thinking hard about lunchtimes, playgrounds and playtimes. Zoning really makes great use of your playground – and many schools are now creatively using their space and providing different zones for different activities. It’s a great idea to ask older children if they would like to be a Playground Zone Manager. Playground Zone Managers apply for the zone they most want to manage. They are interviewed and get the ‘job’ on the basis of the ideas and games they suggest they will implement in the zone. You need to create teams of Zone Managers for each zone – so they don’t get bored of the job (one week on, two weeks off for example). The Zone Managers have the job of bringing in and putting away equipment and, later if they show good responsibility, Parent Associations might like to raise money to give them a budget for each zone. It’s a great way to get school playtimes running more smoothly and to encourage children to play some fun playground games.


Resources for Zones and Zone Managers

Many teachers and teaching assistants use our Learning Through Action big books in class for Circle Time games and activities but here they are published as Easy To Use Cards to be given to Zone Managers, Play Leaders, Playground Friends and Midday Supervisors – they are so handy to take out into the playground to teach to other children.The Playground Games card sets that are available to date are: Playground Games, Wet Playground Games, Skipping Games and Clapping Games. The games have all been carefully selected to ensure they are manageable within the playground, classroom or school hall and they all require very little in the way of materials or preparation. This collection of glossy playground cards has glorious pictures and clear instructions on each one.

Many schools now have their Zone Managers in the playground to organise specific playground games in their designated zones.   Playground Friends now have a more clearly defined role – based on friendship. Their job is to spot lonely children and engage them in games. So they may well team up with one or two children and go with them into the zone of the children’s choice. Their specific focus is on the Friendship Stop as they have to quickly rescue any child standing there (I have seen schools where children stand there for ages and no-one has noticed!). They may also be trained in conflict resolution and peer mediation. More importantly they are the Friends of Mid-day Supervisors! They meet up regularly with them to see what extra help they might need eg door, corridor or litter duties are just a few of the things that have been requested by MDSAs.

For more lunchtimes games resources including Ball Games Card Sets, Craze of the Week Card Sets, and playground games books and booklets, please Click Here.

New Zone Signs – Coming Soon!

Due to popular demand and school requests, we will be adding to our essential 10 outdoor zone signs with the following new ones:  Bikes and Scooters, Bouncy, Four Square, Gymnastics, Football, Organised Games, Tennis, Together and Hopscotch.


Competition Time!

For a chance to win one of 4 Learning Through Action Playground Games Cards packs  either:

a) Follow us on Facebook, find our “Win a Learning Through Action Playground Games Cards Set” post, like it, like our page, and tell us in the comments box which set you would like to win out of Playground Games, Wet Playground Games, Skipping Games and Clapping Games.

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Competition closes at noon on Friday 9th October 2015.

Winner’s Names (names to be added after competition closing date)


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Terms and Conditions

4 winners will be chosen at random from all Facebook and email entrants to each win one pack of their choice. We choose the winners by putting all entries on a table with numbered rows. Then a member of our staff team in a different office, who cannot see the table is telephoned and asked for a number between 1 and, say, 40 (or whoever many people entered the competition). If anyone enters the competition twice, they only appear on the list once. Email and Facebook entrants are muddled up together on the list and given equal weight.

The winners’ names will be written into this article below when he or she has been chosen. We will email winners and/or notify via Facebook but sometimes people don’t get our messages on Facebook so do check here after the closing date to see if it’s you!

Please note: You must claim your prize within 2 weeks of competition closure. There is no cash alternative or cash value to this offer – you may choose one sign from our list of cut-out signs in this article in size Large.


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