Our resources can really help develop children’s spirituality, moral, social and cultural development!

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This month we want to excite you about how all our resources can really help develop children’s spirituality, moral awareness, social engagement and cultural understanding. Can we please all remember that vibrant, thoughtful Circle Time helps children put values into action? For many children, it’s a chance to be bigger than the behaviours that hurt them – which in itself is a spiritual experience. I see children who have lots of problems of their own, put them to one side and spend time coming up with ideas to help other children in their class team. We have a range of simple accessible handbooks for teachers to rediscover the joy of teaching in this area through games, stories, puppets and shared activities.

Fun and laughter are the most motivational experiences for teachers and children to enjoy each other’s company. We also need calm meditation times to reflect on our experiences. Perhaps, I can’t express this as well as Jean Gross (she is the wonderful inspirational person who was the Director of SEAL – Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning)… she wrote … “Jenny Mosley’s ‘Quality Circle Time’ was a light-bulb moment for me… a framework of Golden Rules and Golden Time provides the motivation. Circle sessions provide the teaching skills the children need in order to manage their feelings, develop empathy and make and keep friends. The sessions provide the kind of nurturing environment that reduces children distress and hurt by enabling them to share it with others and receive support.”

Can I put a big plea in for schools to start thinking about setting up Circle Time for staff. Staff also need the safe nurturing environment of Circle Time where they can take their problems and distress and be supported by other staff in a non-judgemental, empathic way (and you go away with a party bag of games to take into class)… Oh dear, I can feel another book coming on!

For those of you who are worrying about how you can fit Circle Time into an overcrowded curriculum, please remember that it not only supports SMSC but also British Values. Social and communications skills are promoted and Circle Time is a great tool for helping children learn about democracy and respect for individual differences. I believe that the most powerful way to deliver RE, the Prevention Strategy and all PSHE demands is through the safety of respectful, positive Circle Times.

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