Primary Pupils

“I love it when the older kids come over and teach us good games.”

Pupil 1

“I was a Golden Playtime Star of the Week and my Mum was really happy”

Pupil 2

“It’s great being in the calm zone with Lucy, she is so soft and peaceful (Lucy is a guinea pig!!)”

Pupil 3

“It helped me share my thoughts with others.”

Pupil 4

“It has created in me a sense of belonging.”

Pupil 5

“We can discuss things and learn from our mistakes.”

Pupil 6

"Please can we have circle time every day?"

Pupil 7

“It has been an absolute privilege to host Jenny Mosely here at Mereside C of E Primary Academy. Jenny has single handed done more for the mental well-being of the children (and teachers!) of this country in the past 20 years than any other organisation. Her viewpoint that behaviour is a form of communication and that we need to learn how to listen and respond with love, understanding and fun is absolutely spot on. A hugely inspirational and incredibly important day for the pupils of our school, reaffirming what an honour it is to work with young children. One day we will only be a memory... so let's leave a good one, Jenny you have certainly done that.” Jason Gathercole, Deputy Headteacher, Mereside C of E Primary School

Wellbeing Training at Mereside Primary School