Jenny’s High Five – 5 Top Tips for the Golden Rules

The Golden Rules are there to help your school’s moral values extend into every area of school life. They are a way of bringing concepts of morality and responsibility into the forefront of children’s minds, enabling them to become more aware of their choices. In our experience children’s ideas always fall into six areas of concern: to look after people physically, to care for people’s.. Read more

Early Years Golden Rules Box Set – free Parent and Practitioner factsheets to accompany these resources

We were very excited when we launched our amazing boxed set of Golden Rules board books for very young children. If we could teach babies and toddlers to love the values of gentleness, kindness, honesty, listening, trying hard and looking after things what a wonderful introduction to helping their emotional and social development… Read more

Golden Time Compatible Strategies for Children Not Yet Ready for Golden Time – FREE handout

This handout is additional material to the book “Better Behaviour through Golden Time” by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet. Do click below to find out more about how these systems work for children who are not yet ready for Golden Time.

Free Downloables for dining halls and playgrounds!

We are offering 5 free downloadables, click below this article to download. 1. From our new book “How to Create Calm Dining Halls” by Jenny Mosley – a good place to start with your dining hall – a Headteacher Questionnaire – or trigger questions to get you all thinking. (Link to book HERE) 2. From Wet Playground Games by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet – whatever the weather the child

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Getting the School Year off to a Great Start! Some useful checklists.

In our Golden Schools, the Golden Rules and Golden Time thrive side by side as an effective incentives and sanctions system that aims to celebrate all the children who have kept the Golden Rules all week (or all day for KS1). Weekly (daily for KS1) planned and themed Quality Circle Time sessions help children practice their social and emotional skills, problem-solving, negotiation and

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Free School Assembly Plans!

Assemblies can light light up hearts and minds – or switch us all off! As well as being riveting, pacey and fun they need to support everyone in striving towards the values governing the school vision.

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Free Activities to help children work together – teamwork!


How does the Whole School Quality Circle Time model support the development of Spiritual, Moral Social and Cultural Education?

The Values below are taken from: ‘Improving the SMSC Development of Pupils in Independent Schools’ (DfE)   Value (1): Enable pupils to develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence.  How the Whole School Quality Circle Time model supports the development of this aim. Regular Quality Circle Time sessions are purposefully designed to help pupils to build their self-estee

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Jenny Mosley’s High Five – Top Tips for making the most of classroom puppets

Our amazing range of puppets have inspired these tips! Tip 1 Choose and introduce your puppet(s) and  think what would motivate children most – an animal puppet or a person puppet? Some teachers develop a puppet gang. Young children really empathise well with cute animal puppets and will quickly want the chance to pet them. But be sure that the puppet follows all the classroom and

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Jenny’s High Five – 5 Top Tips for Zoning and Making the Most of your Playground

(Since this article was written, we have been asked for many more different zone signs! Please Click Here to see our full range!)   Many playground issues – such as fighting, bullying or loneliness – stem from children being bored and lacking the skills they need to make friends, cooperate, take turns and interact with each other. Zoning is simply a way of dividing some of your play

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Free Downloadable Circle Time book

Download this free Circle Time book for some great ideas and session plans. For more Quality Circle Time resources and training, see other parts of the website or phone 01225 76715 or email


Jenny’s High Five – Top Tips for using Relaxations and Visualisations

(This does not include the visualisation or relaxation script – CLICK HERE to see resources for relaxation and visualisation) Tip 1 Set the scene – by explaining to the children what will happen, dim the lighting if possible and keep distractions to a minimum. Tip 2  Make sure everyone knows the benefits of guided visualisations (including telling them that it’s a serious technique used

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Jenny’s High Five – Top Tips for Wet Playtimes


Jenny’s High Five – Top Tips to Help Children Play Games Outside

1. Practice teaching and playing the games at home or with a group of ‘playground friends’ first before trying to teach groups of children out in the playground. For inspiration try Jenny Mosley’s Top 100 Playground Games to Enjoy SEAL Outside and Pocket Playground Games (new) and Pocket Ball Games of the Week (new). 2. Decide who is on ‘play’ or ‘patrol duty’. For information on organi

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