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Jenny Mosley Consultancies

Schools’ Training and Resources

Welcome to the Jenny Mosley Consultancies and Positive Press website where we introduce the highly successful Whole School Approach from Jenny Mosley to behaviour management, wellbeing (see wellbeing training in primary schools and staff wellbeing), self-esteem and social competencies. Endorsed by governments and implemented in the UK and internationally, Jenny’s educational model is designed to release excellence in both staff and children. Based on a background of teaching experience, research, consultation and collaboration, the Jenny Mosley Whole School Systems are for Early Years settings, primary and secondary schools. If you would like to see what headteachers and other practitioners have to say do read some sample Testimonials.

Schools’ Training

Jenny is an experienced INSET trainer and she runs highly acclaimed open training conferences across the UK throughout the year, that any staff can book places on, as well as providing INSET training days and her unique Working in School Days during a normal school day. The courses consist of Behaviour Management Training and the skills required for learning, lunchtimes (including dining halls and playgrounds), for wellbeing training in primary schools and for boosting social and emotional competencies.

Many of Jenny’s approaches involve Quality Circle Time as a forum for change. Jenny created popular Golden Time, the Golden Rules and many well-loved playground initiatives. All staff in Early Years settings and schools can benefit from Early Years Trainingprimary training or secondary training. Jenny’s Midday Supervisor Training  and Lunchtime Supervisor Training is most sought after. Ask us about our Free Schools Training option – hard to believe we realise but we have a really good system for getting all of your staff trained without you having to provide funding.

Educational Conferences

Jenny Mosley is a key UK Education Conference Speaker, and holds a wealth of experience with a background of teaching, consulting and working in all types of schools in the UK and overseas. Jenny holds inspiring Headteachers Conferences as well as providing motivating keynote speeches, seminars and workshops.

International Training 

A key part of Jenny’s work is as an International Trainer, Jenny attends conferences and schools training projects in many different countries. This year, in 2018, Jenny is visiting Japan, Chile and New Zealand to carry out training, conferences and Train the Trainers courses. Read some of Jenny’s International blogs here.

Positive Press Educational Resources

Jenny’s Positive Press Catalogue and Shop are brimming with colourful, essential resources. Have a look to see Assemblies Plans, Circle Time resources, Classroom Energisers and Calmers, Calm Dining Halls resources, Early Years books, posters and puppets, Emotional Wellbeing posters, flachcards and stickersPositive Behaviour books and resources, Playground Games booklets and cards, Playground Initiatives, Puppets, Resources for Skills For Learning and many more essential areas.

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I met an amazing teacher yesterday - she has completely turned her class around in five months - from nearly all having low self-esteem, lots of low level disruptive behaviour and a general inability to focus their attention. She has worked wonders in this time and puts a significant part of this success down to her twice weekly carefully focused circle time sessions. Parents have been writing in to her saying that they have noticed a transformation in their children and they are baffled why they suddenly want to come to school, having previously been reluctant.

She even appointed children as learning detectives. They wore a fun wig and glasses and would go round the classroom and spot children who were working soundly, and write their name in a Golden Book. This teacher is like gold dust - and now so is the class! This teacher is leaving her school and I know her head is keen for her to carve our her future inspiring others.

There is a lovely book by Mary MacCracken "A Circle of Children" that springs to mind when I think about this class. Also remembering "To Sir, With Love"
(To Sir, With Love is a 1959 autobiographical novel by E. R. Braithwaite set in the East End of London. The novel is based on true events concerned with Braithwaite taking up a teaching post in a school there.). I find it really helpful to read inspiring books by inspiring people who aren't afraid of knocking us all out with their fantastic inspirational methods and their love for children.

#inspiringteachers #improvingselfesteem #fullclassroom
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