Special Offer – Calmer Classrooms Value Pack – Promoting Focus and Mindfulness

To help you promote much-needed calm and mindfulness in the classroom ready for learning, we have brought together a lovely, useful bundle of calmer classrooms resources!

We need all the calm we can get in our classrooms ready for positive behaviour, mindfulness and focused, enjoyable learning. The Calmers Classrooms Value Pack will help you with this. This pack offers a huge range of ideas to help you relax children and to bring more mindfulness into your practice in the classroom. The Big Book of Calmers Book has lots of quick ideas you can use at any time – easy to carry out with minimal or no preparation. The Relax and De-Stress CD will not only give you a greater range of ideas but children can use the CD themselves! The Rainstick and Rainstick Visualisations booklet will help create a great atmosphere in the classroom and can be used for circle time, music, visualisations and for dramatic effect in story time.

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Special Offer – Healthy Eating and Calm Dining Halls

This Pack is designed to inspire children towards making healthier food choices and positive, healthy dining hall behaviour. The resources support midday supervisors and management in creating a happy, healthy dining hall experience every day. Ofsted are now inspecting Dining Halls and looking for positive behaviour and healthy eating.

“We know a healthy meal can help concentration, but dining halls are not just a place for children to refuel, they are also a place where children relax and learn valuable socialising skills. With Ofsted inspectors being asked to observe pupils during lunchtime, including in the dining hall in order to ‘consider how Lunchtime and the Dining Space contribute to good behaviour and the culture in the school’, and the introduction of free school meals – this book has never been more needed!”
Pack Contains:

Inspirational Fruit and Vegetable Posters A2 x 12 different designs

Wally Wheelbarrow’s Guide for Healthy Eating

How to Create Calm Dining Halls plus CD

Individual Dining Hall Rules Posters A3 x 9 different designs

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Special Offer – Better Behaviour for Learning in the Classroom

This practical pack for better behaviour is a fantastic boost for positive behaviour management. Drawing on the valuable hands-on experience of Jenny Mosley’s consultancy team, Jenny outlines established strategies that will make a fundamental difference to the daily lives of adults and children in schools. The quality of children’s behaviour can be a key factor in determining a school’s ethos. This pack will help you to develop a system that will nurture the social, emotional and behavioural skills of your pupils, making a happier and more productive place for the whole community.

This Pack Contains:

Better Behaviour through Golden Time by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet
Format: 254mm x 95mm, 176 page, black and white, with full colour cover.

Top Tips for Calmer Classrooms by Jenny Mosley
Format: A5, 28 page, black and white paperback, with full colour cover.

101 Games for Better Behaviour by Jenny Mosley and Helen Sonnet

Classroom Golden Rules Posters
Format: 6 x A3 posters, 200gsm, full colour, paper posters

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