INSET Training, Conferencing and Unique Working in School Days

We deliver a fantastic range of training for schools – conference days, behaviour management training, lunchtimes training, staff wellbeing training and wellbeing training for primary schools for children too. INSET training is very popular as are our Open Conference Training days – held around the country throughout the year that any staff can book onto.

We also hold exceptional Early Years Training and Jenny travels overseas as an International Trainer to take her educational model to many different countries.

Jenny’s training and INSET days aim to cover key policies, inspire positive change, raise self-esteem, improve morale, help schools and settings function well and address non-curriculum areas. The training supports also whole-school positive behaviour management, SMSC, Citizenship, British Values and PSHE.

Jenny’s Whole School Approach encourages a more healthy approach with healthy dining hall initiatives, support for emotional literacy and encouragement for more active playtimes.

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As a top Education Conference Speaker, trainer and consultant in behaviour management  Jenny inspires teachers and midday supervisors to reach out to children through playground games – both traditional playground games, new playground games and playground games from around the world.

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