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Lunchtime Supervisor Online Training, Midday Supervisor Online Training  and Staff Wellbeing Online Webinar Training and ‘From Lockdown to Listening’ Staff Training Packages (in English and in Welsh)

We are delighted to present our brand new Online Webinar Training, Online Schools Training, Online Training Packages .

Lunchtime Supervisor Online Training and Midday Supervisor Online Training – Vibrant, active, online training – staff can participate from home or school, accompanied by handouts and/or booklets. Online Webinar Training for Schools

We are delighted to be offering from 2021:

Lunchtimes Online Webinar Training / Lunchtimes Online Webinar Training for Midday Supervisors / Lunchtime Supervisors.

A pre-recorded online Jenny Mosley webinar – full of fun, activities, delegate participation and good common sense. Accompanied by booklets so everyone can feel refreshed and bring lots lots of good energy and great ideas into school. This webinar and the booklets are great for helping everyone ‘get onto the same page’ but participation can be from home.

Wellbeing Online Webinar Training – for Mental Health and Wellbeing – Coming Soon – do enquire if interested!

‘From Lockdown to Listening and Learning’ – Circle Time Online Training Package 

Cymru – Gwrando a Dysgu ar ôl y Cyfnod Clo (Welsh Language ‘Lockdown to Listening’ Online Package)

Staff can access this flexible training from home or school, individually or in pairs or groups as the situations permit and watch vibrant, interactive webinars with downloadable handouts and booklets and work at their own pace, take breaks as needed and then come back together to discuss all the ideas and take them forward. We are pleased to bring you three online training resources: ‘From Lockdown to Listening’ online schools training package; Jenny Mosley’s Online Training Webinar for Lunchtimes entitled, Calm Dining Halls and Positive Playtimes – and watch this space ready for our new Staff Wellbeing Online Training Webinar – coming soon!

Schools’ Training

Jenny is an experienced INSET trainer and she runs highly acclaimed open training conferences across the UK throughout the year, that a

We deliver a fantastic range of training for schools – conference days, behaviour management training, lunchtimes training, staff wellbeing training and wellbeing training for primary schools for children too. INSET training is very popular as are our Open Conference Training days – held around the country throughout the year that any staff can book onto. We also hold exceptional Early Years Training and Jenny travels overseas as an International Trainer to take her educational model to many different countries (read International training blogs here). Jenny’s training and INSET days aim to cover key policies, inspire positive change, raise self-esteem, improve morale, help schools and settings function well and address non-curriculum areas. The training supports also whole-school positive behaviour management, SMSC, Citizenship, British Values and PSHE. Jenny’s Whole School Approach encourages a more healthy approach with healthy dining hall initiatives, support for emotional literacy and encouragement for more active playtimes.

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As a top Education Conference Speaker, trainer and consultant in behaviour management  Jenny inspires teachers and midday supervisors to reach out to children through playground games – both traditional playground games, new playground games and playground games from around the world. We’d love to hear from you! Phone: 01225 767157 Email:

Jenny’s work is based on her Golden Model.


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