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Jenny Presents at: Schools of the Future a post pandemic vision for education by The Teacher Foundation, India

One January 20th and 21st and then 27th and 28th, The Teacher Foundation hosted an [...]

A Wonderful Training Trip to St Catherine’s British School in Athens, Greece September 2022

Phew, I am back in the groove of training in international schools. I have been [...]

New Quality Circle Time Book for Iran

It was very exciting to be approached by Dr Nabi Bostan, Manager of the Taghbostan [...]

Magical Kuwait – and the Five Skills Posters

Returning from my recent trip to work in Kuwait Bilingual School has given me a [...]

Summer in Kuwait – A 4-Day Wellbeing Training Trip

I have recently come home from a return trip to Kuwait, having initially trained there [...]

National Association of British Schools in Spain Conference 2019

The NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain Conference) 2019 Conference entitled “British Education, a World [...]

‘Circles of Support’ Research Presented at World Congress on Special Needs Education at Cambridge University (Dec 2018)

I am really happy… a wonderful teacher, researcher and champion of children Stamatina Kalyveza, who [...]

Circle Time in India – What a Glowing Letter to The Teacher Foundation!

Jenny has long had strong links with The Teacher Foundation – working with the Founder [...]

The Honour of Wearing The Maori Cloak – or Korowai – A Special Lady and A Maori Tradition

Well what can I say. New Zealand was amazing, magical as always and I had [...]

Parent Power in New Zealand

Jenny has been having a superb trip to New Zealand, feeling very thankful to all [...]