New Quality Circle Time Book for Iran

It was very exciting to be approached by Dr Nabi Bostan, Manager of the Taghbostan counselling centre in Kermanshah, Iran. Dr Bostan is a keen follower and student of Quality Circle Time and has been studying it for several years.

Dr Nabi Bostan’s work in India led him to experience QCT’s positive impact in the schools he worked in. He brought the model back to Iran and worked hard to research it efficacy with his own classes and teacher training and then draw it all into a new Quality Circle Time book, written in Persian, that was launched earlier this year. Here is a photo of the absolutely amazing Quality Circle Time cake at the launch! It is lovely to see how easily the Quality Circle Time model travels to different countries as it is based on core values that affect every educational community.

QCT is a model with many key features which are now embedded in a large number of UK Early Years settings and primary schools. Jenny Mosley has been creating and developing it since 1984 by a success of governments as part of Health Education and Personal, Social and Emotional Curriculum.

Very simply at it’s simplest most effective level schools bring whole classes together in a circle with an adult who is the facilitator sitting as an equal in the circle. The circle itself denotes equality and community. Through games, talking exercises, puppets, visualisations and fun activities teachers give deep attention to fostering children’s social and emotional intelligence. Regular circle times help children develop:

  • sound self esteem
  • a sense of self worth
  • empathy for others
  • the ability to form positive relationships
  • the confidence to communicate well with others
  • practise with the Five Skills of Thinking, Looking, Listening, Speaking and Concentrating

Most of all QCT helps children become caring and responsible citizens. If we had to describe one main purpose of the QCT model I would say that it has the power to help people develop their own sense of kindness.

The model has also travelled and been used in many different countries and cultures including India (most recent blog here), New Zealand (blogs here, here and here), Kuwait  (blogs here and here), Dubai, many European countries, Hong Kong, Brazil and more. Jenny is back travelling again to schools and has just taken her first (post-initial COVID restrictions) flights to carry out training which is exciting.

So congratulations to Dr Nabi Bostan and we hope for every success in the future and we look forward to seeing the Quality Circle Time model travelling around the world. If you are interested in finding out more about Jenny’s training in the UK or internationally, please email



Website Editor’s Notes

Dr Bostan’s plans and ideas were all agreed with Jenny Mosley in advance of the launch and Jenny agreed to this project due to the intellectual property rights.

If you are interested in finding out more about Jenny’s training in the UK or internationally, please email