Jenny Mosley’s Wellbeing Webinar – Sample and Information

Jenny has created this helpful Wellbeing Webinar and accompanying, downloadable Wellbeing Action Plan, handouts and certificate to give staff teams a boost and to help them to create their own Personal Care Plans so that they can continue with energy and vision to do the amazing work that they do best for the children in their care.

Below is a little sample from the webinar – and below that is a description of what is in the whole package plus a few testimonials.

What is Included:

1. Pre-Recorded Wellbeing for Staff Online Wellbeing Webinar Training:

Each delegate will be licenced and gain access to a recorded lunchtimes training webinar (1 hour 20 minutes) for up to three months.

This active and easy-to-watch webinar will help you:

  • Bring mindfulness into your every day living; making the ordinary beautiful.
  • Recognise your own self-esteem needs and work on them.
  • Explore the Five Wells for Wellbeing.

2.  A downloadable handouts booklet to support the ideas.

3. A Wellbeing Action Plan.

We have put together a downloadable plan for you to print off and complete or work with online to build your own unique circumstances into an action plan to help bring you balance and wellbeing.

4. Certificate of Participation for Staff Online Wellbeing Webinar Training.

A certificate to complete and print off for your CPD portfolio.

What Are People Saying about Jenny’s Staff Online Wellbeing Webinar Training?

“Just wanted to let you know how much our online … webinar training staff enjoyed the training. Feedback was excellent … staff buzzing … Thank you!” Concetta Preller, Assistant Head, Childs Hill School, London

We thought the Wellbeing Webinar was very professional and very helpful for school staff in the current climate.” Anna Cox, Educational Psychologist, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Educational Psychology

“I’ve loved your positive energy, thank you!” Kiran Husain

“Thank you Jenny, I have been to one of your sessions before and this was just as inspiring in these strange times.” Mel Weeks

From a live version of the Wellbeing Webinar:

“Everyone came out with huge beaming smiles, lots of laughing and lots of ideas. Jenny, your wonderful energy came across and that is what makes your training so special. Having so much active games was exactly what was needed. One of the challenges from our side is that when you have a group huddled around a laptop it is very easy to ‘drift off’ and I think you got the balance of activity, content and group work absolutely right.”  Andy McKechnie, Deputy Head West Rise Junior School Eastbourne

For costings, please CLICK HERE, however for staff groups larger than 20, for LAs or pyramids of schools please email for a discount