Yearly Archives: 2013

Announcing the new edition of – “Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School”

People often assume that Quality Circle Time is for younger children when in reality the [...]

Sports Premium Funding and Playgrounds

Sports Premium Funding Getting playtimes just right has been a major focus for Jenny Mosley [...]

Aaaaargh ……WET PLAY!

Aaaaaargh  … WET PLAY!! Two words that strike dread into the soul. Not only am [...]

We all need to Shine – Who’s your Star this Week?

Everyone has a light inside them. Nelson Mandela famously urged us all to allow our [...]

Enthusing and Inspiring Staff and Pupils at Thomas’s Clapham

Jenny Mosley was recently delighted to have been invited to carry out a Working in [...]

Let’s talk about the ‘Tell A Good Tale Jar’ and ‘Class Target Reward’ System!

Sometimes its really good to think about how to motivate children to be really positive [...]

A big welcome back to all those starting a new school year!

Well, here it is. The new term. Starting so soon after our biggest break in [...]

Ever considered the Golden Rules being used at home?

After revisiting New Zealand in 2012 we received a lovely “Golden Rules at home” story [...]

Playing and playfulness – can we still just ‘let go’ and play?

“The playing adult steps sideward into another reality; the playing child advances forward to new [...]

Social and emotional learning – where are we now?

Never has supporting social and emotional intelligence been more important than now. There’s such a [...]