Announcing the new edition of – “Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School”

People often assume that Quality Circle Time is for younger children when in reality the need of secondary pupils is just as great. Pupils in primary schools become accustomed to having a regular, safe space in which to spend invaluable time with their peers listening, speaking, being heard, learning essential life skills and contributing to their school community. Just when life starts to get harder and pupils transfer to secondary school, in addition to facing the extra challenges of having different teachers for different subjects, and different rooms and systems, many lose their weekly Circle Time sessions so they lose all the benefits they had gained during regular Circle Times.

In 1999 Jenny Mosley and Marilyn Tew wrote “Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School” specifically to address the need for Quality Circle Time with secondary pupils. However, everything moves on and due to popular demand, Jenny and Marilyn have been beavering away over the last year to create a new edition of this book, bringing it right up to date. Fully revised with updates, extra case studies and re-written chapters this book is a must for secondary practitioners. CLICK HERE to view and purchase this book.

A quote from the Principal of the Academy where one of the case studies in the book took place.

“The purpose of education is to prepare young people to become active citizens in a complex world.  They will need a combination of qualifications and skills but the pressure on school leaders to focus on the former, at the expense of the later, is immense.  This would be a serious mistake.  Qualifications matter but emotional intelligence and empathy will be more significant factors in defining a successful life when formal education is completed.  This belief led us to explore Jenny Mosley’s model of Circle Time with our Primary Partners.  Our aim was twofold: to smooth the transition from Primary to Secondary school and to create an effective vehicle for student voice to influence school policy.

Jenny’s skilful training enabled us to achieve both aims.  The Teachers’ and Students’ reflections confirm the power of the model.  The success of the pilot will lead to a policy that will embed the opportunity for all students to develop the emotional resilience required to secure future success.”

P W Rubery  Principal, The Fallibroome Academy and National Teaching School, National Leader of Education

What does the back of the book say?

Jenny Mosley’s Quality Circle Time model involves establishing an ongoing, timetabled process of circle meetings for adults and children. As a basis for teaching relationship skills, enhancing self-esteem and building a positive behaviour management and anti-bullying policy. Circle Time  should not only increase confidence and ‘emotional intelligence’ in pupils, but should also contribute towards a positive whole-school ethos.

This classic text provides a rationale, framework and whole-school model for Quality Circle Time specifically for secondary schools and further education colleges.

Fully revised and updated, Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School offers over 100 activities and practical strategies to help build teachers’ confidence and Circle Time skills. This highly practical text will enable teachers to sustain this approach within their SEAL and PSHE syllabus, tutorial time, subject teaching or as part of their work with pupils with special educational needs.

Jenny Mosley is the founder of the ongoing Jenny Mosley Consultancies, and creator of the highly acclaimed Quality Circle Time (QCT) model that is used in schools in the UK and around the world.

Marilyn Tew is the director of Marilyn Tew and Partners Ltd and works as an independent consultant in group processes and the social and emotional components of learning.

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