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“Promoting Playground Play and Social Skills” with Headteacher Update Online and Free Playtimes Resources

I was delighted to be invited to write an article for the very informative Headteacher [...]

Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Healthy, Active Playground and Sporting Games

As we are (hopefully) emerging from a very difficult COVID time in schools, I am [...]

New Quality Circle Time Book for Iran

It was very exciting to be approached by Dr Nabi Bostan, Manager of the Taghbostan [...]

Jenny Mosley’s Wellbeing Webinar – Sample and Information

Jenny has created this helpful Wellbeing Webinar and accompanying, downloadable Wellbeing Action Plan, handouts and [...]

“In The Zone” – See Our Colourful Zone Signs Video – Making the Most of Your Best Playground Features

We are getting lots of enquiries about providing better playtimes and zoning the playground to [...]

‘Dining Al Desko’ by Jenny Mosley

Lunchtime eating in schools takes a variety of forms at the moment. Some are eating [...]

Fun and Games – Let’s Go ‘Crazy’!!

Never has this phrase “fun and games” meant so much to children! Children want to [...]

Socially Distanced Games for Children – Free Skipping Games Giveaway

Socially Distanced Games for Children – Free Downloadable Skipping Games Booklet Skipping increases mental, physical [...]


One of my favourite quotes is when the Dalai Lama was asked what his religion [...]

Stop, Look and LISTEN – why listening is so important

‘After being off school for so long, it is only natural that many young people [...]