Fun and Games – Let’s Go ‘Crazy’!!

Never has this phrase “fun and games” meant so much to children! Children want to get out, play with friends, have lots of fun. Being back at school means the children can enjoy a good laugh – as can the adults!!!

The year group bubbles often make it harder though. Playing in a smaller space, which has to be more tightly controlled, makescraze and ball games things more difficult. However, when we look back at our own childhood what we often remember is the bonkers Crazes that used to go round!

Crazes meant that you all went crazy with one thing or one particular game and then dropped it after about a week – in fact, as soon as you mastered it.

Schools need to start the Crazes – crazes can happen in the bubbles and children will then catch on and bring their own. Our Craze of the Week cards are a great place to start! (Click here to see Craze of the Week cards).

Zoning is another great way to diversify the fun and games and to spread people out by activity. We have zone signs for all manner of activities to help your playground to get really organised for some serious fun! Do watch the fun video below for zone sign ideas.


Every zone sign highlights a particular interest or game or craze of the week.

Do you remember when a clapping game was The Thing and you tried to get faster and faster at it?

The Long Skipping Rope had a million songs that needed mastering there is a link here to a free Skipping Games resource.

We also have Pocket Books of the very best games – hundreds of games and fabulous zone signs to go with them.

To further space out the groups, some schools are keeping their zone signs in one place but giving the bubbles selected times in different areas on a rota basis.

So let’s give the children a spring and summer of games and play – blow the cobwebs away, get both sides of the brain working together and bring on a happy and healthy 2021 for as many children as we can.

Playground Zoning

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