“In The Zone” – See Our Colourful Zone Signs Video – Making the Most of Your Best Playground Features

We are getting lots of enquiries about providing better playtimes and zoning the playground to make best use of the space available. Our colourful, durable Outdoor Playground Zone Signs are pre-drilled to be placed on fences, walls or stands. We now have a huge range of different zone signs to choose from. Some schools prop the sign in a painted flower pot or flower border and these can be moved round to alternate some of the zones and activities. One approach is to pick out the best features of your playground – maybe a court, a quiet sheltered area, a wildlife area or grassy area for ball games – and highlight these with colourful Zone Signs.  Our wonderful friend Graham Risdon (of Media Inventions, Trowbridge) created this Zone Signs video – please watch below – it only take a few minutes to watch!

To help playtimes run really smoothly, we always recommend appointing teams of Playground Zone Managers. Zone Managers are children who have applied for and have been ‘interviewed’ for a role to help ‘manage’ the zones and who work closely with Midday Supervisors. During the interview children applying for the role would outline their favourite playground games and ideas for their favourite zone, and indicate a willingness to help with the getting out and putting away of equipment and be happy to assist generally within that zone. Our smart Zone Manager tops and hats will certainly get them noticed in the playground.

You can see all Jenny’s Zone Signs and Zone Manager hats and tops HERE.

Jenny Mosley can also come into your school to train lunchtime supervisors and MDSAs and children during an ordinary school working day – looking at positive behaviour, dining halls, playgrounds, social skills and well-being. We also run open training conferences around the country throughout the year. To find out more about Jenny Mosley’s Training & Conferencing, lunchtimes training and playground training please phone us on 01225 767157 or email circletime@jennymosley.co.uk or CLICK HERE.