Inspiring a Lifelong Love of Healthy, Active Playground and Sporting Games

As we are (hopefully) emerging from a very difficult COVID time in schools, I am receiving enquiries from Headteachers, Lunchtime Managers, PSHE and PE Leads, all of whom would like help to re-invigorate their playground games. They are looking for inspiration for pro-actively supporting adults who care for children at lunchtimes to role play and encourage more games in the playground.

I love visiting your schools and getting out into the playground, watching and engaging children’s natural exuberance and seeing smiling faces with flushed cheeks as children enjoy their lunchtime games.

So many of us have such fond memories of playing playground games ourselves but sometimes we forget how to have such fun. This has reminded me that Zara, who as many of you will know is my fabulous training manager, told me about the roller-skating discos where she regularly takes her own children.

At these roller discos, the adults and children, on a weekly basis, play playground games on roller skates!! I was delighted to learn that favourites such as Tag, Stuck-in-the-Mud, Grandmother’s Footsteps and Bulldog (stop rolling your eyes to heaven!!) are being played weekly at these events – mostly with the adults and children playing alongside each other – and everyone having lots of fun.

It’s hard to find great videos of the games – but here are a couple of photos:

When I think about it, so many adults, during evenings and weekends play sports like football, tennis, dance and fitness, netball, squash and rugby. I wonder if the love of these activities sometimes originates in playgrounds. Do we play these games to unwind and enjoy some of the fun and freedom that many of us were lucky enough to enjoy at school?

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