Playground Zoning and Exciting Crazes at Halling Primary School in Medway

Jenny was delighted to have been invited to Halling Primary School to work with creative Deputy Headteacher, Lisa Taylor and the school team early in 2022.  We have seen some wonderful activities carried out by the school teachers and children over the last few weeks – and have really enjoyed seeing everything unfolding on Twitter (@HallingSch).

Playground Zoning

Halling Primary School is now the proud owner of a set of exciting Playground Zone Signs to help organise the different activities that the children love to do at playtime and lunchtime. Everything from Sports Zone, to Craze of the Week Zone, Make Believe Zone, Chasing Games Zone to Skipping Zone and many more. The children helped to choose the zones that they wanted so you can see how pleased they are now they have arrived. (To see Zone Signs CLICK HERE.)

Jenny Mosleys Playground Zone Signs

Tweet:  “Our Playground Zone signs arrived today, as chosen by the children at Halling! We are very excited. Watch this space!”

Tweet:  “Our Craze of the Week Zone is proving to be very popular this week – Rubicks Cubes!”

Craze of the Week

One of the zones that the children wanted in particular is Craze of the Week. This is brilliant for learning new skills and for keeping activities exciting and fresh! There is always a challenge to learn and this week it was using Rubic Cubes!

Quiet Zone

Sometimes all you need is a Quiet Zone and a good book! The children wanted a Quiet Zone so they could have a place to chill out and relax, chat or read when they didn’t feel like running around. So this is the lovely Quiet Zone!

Tweet:  “We are so happy that our Quiet Zone has opened up today! We are using it as a quiet place to read a book with our friends.”

Tweet:  “We are enjoying spending time in our Quiet Area. We love books at Halling!”

Board Games Zone

Sometimes a board game with a couple of good friends is just the activity!

Music Zone

Halling School has created a lovely Music Zone – for those more noisy times! Here the children are loving playing the drums.

Tweet: “Our Music Zone has been very popular this week too!”

Singing and Dancing Zone

Alongside the Music Zone, the Singing and Dancing Zone is a hive of creative activity – I wonder how many different songs and dances the children practice here!

So these Zones are just a taster of some of the lovely playground activities at Halling School. The Zones are managed by Playground Zone Managers. Here the children are interviewing for the Zone Managers – and it looks like a very considered process!


The children who are interviewing need to ensure that the children go into the Zone where they can best help others andggest exciting activities.

Tweet:  “This afternoon, some of the Communications Team are interviewing some Year 5 children for the Zone Leader roles.”

Long Rope Skipping Games 

All the children love waiting their turn to practice long rope skipping! What good skills to learn!

We have also been so impressed by so many of the activities carried out by the staff and children at Halling Primary School – we will write another blog soon! Thank you Lisa Taylor and all the school community.

For Playground resources Click Here.

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