Shall We Declare 2022 The Year of Kindness?

We all need kindness after everything everyone have been, and is, going through. World Kindness Day is on 13th November – which is far too long to wait!! We need small, everyday kindnesses.  2022 – 365 Days Of Kindness’ could be our new motto!!

Children need to experience, practice, and reflect on kindness before it can enter their hearts as part of who they are, as people.

There are wonderful movements happening everywhere to help schools. there are organisations giving out ‘Kindness Packs’ (, British Red Cross is offering free teaching resources and the ‘Action For Happiness’ has lots of ideas to help.

Even if you just Google ‘Kindness is Schools’, hundreds of wonderful schools appear, all working on creative fabulous everyday kindness.

Of course, like all higher order values – kindness starts at home!! You are the key to unlocking kindness in others and for this ‘work’ you need energy and fun… pampering treats… and a team in school who shares these values.

All those who have trained with me over the last four decades know that I promote ‘The Mystery Angel of Kindness’… and the formation of a voluntary Staff Social or Wellbeing Committee.

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Perhaps, sometimes, the easiest way to reboost yourself is to have fun with each other and your children. Practicing old traditional games together touches your buried memories of happiness, friendship, and fun. Halling School every week tries a new ‘Crazy Of The Week’, the whole school learns it on a Friday. (Halling School tweets are amazing – on Twitter – do look them up @Halling Sch.)

You need to promote kindness to yourself first to many of you are run ragged meeting work and home needs always before your own. Many of us don’t have strong enough boundaries and say ‘Yes’ to too many requests. When you are sensitive and kind, your wellbeing may always be a concern.  (Do see our Blog – ““Teacher Wellbeing Update”)

Then, as a staff team create a ‘Web Of Kindness’ – to catch people before they fall into negativity. For this you need a staff social committee. In my Whole School Model, we have lots of lovely ideas for staff wellbeing – including Fab Friday, Thank You Board, Theme of the Week, Termly Specials, Mystery Angels and many more. I will write more about these soon as the little things are important.

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Good luck everyone – you are very precious; you can save a child’s emotional life with your regular gentle kindness. You are the key to unlocking the very best a child can be in their complex lives.

Website Editor’s Notes

Very many thanks to the wonderful Halling School (@Halling Sch) for the lovely images and for all the inspiration that they provide, led by Headteacher, Lisa Taylor.