Supporting Staff Wellbeing Through The Five Wells – Plus ‘Personal Power’ Book Giveaway – see end of blog!

My Five Wells For Wellbeing And Energy have been in use for many years.  They were first published in 1987 and are referenced now, still in the classic ‘Quality Circle Time In The Primary School’.  They appeal because they make sense.  Recently I introduced them to headteachers and senior leaders at a day’s conference – and they made a strong impact.  We are all so driven nowadays by targets that are out of our control, snarled up by too much attention to screens and exhausted by constantly putting others needs first that we can neglect to look after and nurture our own wondrous humanity ie our spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional selves through a personal care plan.

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Staff Wellbeing is my passion – my biggest problem is schools today (and I’ve been in them every day fairly continuously since I first started teaching in 1972) is not the fact that many or the systems are tired and in need of re-energising but the fact so many staff are near burn out and haven’t recognised the signs.

One headteacher was so inspired by The Wells she did something rather wonderful – Sue Dorban from Wardenhill Infant school went back to her school and set up a Wellbeing Day.  She gave a powerpoint on The Wells and then created a carousel of activities for each of The Wells that each member of staff could join:

  • In the Intellectual Well she had quizzes on books and films, with a book voucher prize.
  • In the Creative Well they could make felt objects.
  • In The Physical Well they did yoga
  • In The Spiritual Well they did mindfulness and
  • In The Mindful Well they visited a museum and had tea and cakes.

One of her staff sent her this email after the day… what more lovely response could you have.

“Hi – I just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s ‘INSET’. I’ve put it in inverted commas because, for me, it was not a training day but a wonderful treat day.

I enjoyed every activity session at school and the museum. The creative activities during your and Jane’s sessions reminded me of the joy I got from them when I was a child and I will sort myself out a variety of pictures to colour next year. I found the yoga incredibly relaxing and it reminded me that I am a lot more flexible and capable of exercise than I often feel. I loved the quiz during Michelle’s session as I do like to do things like that, but I also enjoyed thinking about good books and films and chatting a bit about that. I admit I was unsure about the reason for going to the museum but I was wrong. Actually having the time to enjoy what I saw rather than counting children or having to rush away as a certain young man has had enough was so good.

It was wonderful to just enjoy the company of others in a relaxed atmosphere and, during the tea and cake, just sit and chat with no time constraints. I did go away feeling totally relaxed and happy.

So, thank you very, very much for our – renamed by me – treat day. It really did help my well being. (I heard many other staff also saying similar).”


Thank you from me to all the staff and managers involved!


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