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INSET Training with Jenny Mosley

Jenny Mosley has been providing INSET training and Working in School Days for many years and loves working with large numbers and keeping the day very positive and active. Jenny has a unique ability to motivate large numbers of staff – and encourages all adults in a school or Early Years setting to come along to the day wherever possible as a Whole School Approach has been proved to be the best way to make positive change.

What delegates so often tell us after an INSET training day with Jenny is that they feel very inspired and empowered to make changes to their own practice to help bring out the best in the children in their care.

Who Can Benefit From Jenny’s INSET Training?

The majority of Jenny’s INSET training is for Infant, Junior and Primary Schools and Early Years Settings although she also works with secondary schools and Special Needs settings. Senior managers, teachers, support staff, teaching assistants and midday supervisors all regularly attend Jenny’s training. Many INSET training days are for the whole school and it works brilliantly when all staff attend and therefore can provide a continuum of behavioural expectation and positivity.

What Are Jenny’s Areas of Expertise For INSET Training?

Other INSET areas Include: Puppets, Skills for Learning, Challenging Children, Reducing Exclusions, Staff Wellbeing, Improving Social Skills and Self-esteem and more. Please ask for further details.

What Does Jenny Need For INSET Training?

Providing there is a large hall with a good lapel microphone and a raised area for Jenny to stand in order to be seen, you can invite all staff (up to 300 people) – delegates from other local schools often like to come along too.

More About Jenny As An Educational Presenter for INSET Training

Jenny has written the UK government’s circle time strategy for SEAL in both the primary and secondary sectors and also the early years version for SEAD (Social & Emotional Aspects of Development).  Jenny’s model has also been mentioned in the government report from OFSTED. As an experienced educational presenter, in addition to INSET training days, Jenny addresses Headteachers’ conferences, schools training conferences, LA conferences and carries out many other types of training and conferencing including keynotes speeches, seminars and practical workshops.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

You can see some of Jenny’s testimonials from delegates who have been on Jenny’s training and conferencing events and have got to know Jenny as an educational presenter.

Here is one of many letters of thanks after an inspiring INSET day:

Dear Jenny

Once again, many many thanks for delivering such an inspiring, captivating and thought provoking INSET day at Orchard Infant School. Since then, your words and highly amusing yet poignant anecdotes have provided a wealth of discussion with all our staff on how we can develop and sustain high levels of well-being and behaviour throughout our school community. So far we are revising our behaviour rules and guidelines to make it even more consistent across the school; developing lunchtimes to incorporate the fun games and activities modelled to us during the INSET day.

Thus far the impact has been significant; with happy engaged children at playtime and as a result a huge decline in any behaviour issues. The staff can’t wait for the arrival of all the puppets and other resources; we are now looking for suitable and appropriate accommodation to ensure they remain safe and special! (Any found languishing under chairs will be put up for adoption!)

As a Key Priority for the school this year, to measure impact for improvement, staff are currently undertaking a Monitoring Enquiry to investigate how the school promotes well-being for both children and adults. It is already very clear from this enquiry that your input has supported the school to implement rapid changes effectively. Although we still have a long way to go, as a result of the INSET day we have been able to achieve a great deal in a very short period of time.”

Jane West, Deputy Headteacher, Orchard Infant School, Dibden Purlieu 2016

Free Training

If you are considering an INSET day but working to a strict budget, do ask us about Free Training. Sometimes schools like to work closely and exclusively together as an organisation and have a very special day focusing upon their particular school or setting.

However, sometimes the idea of working closely as a team, but opening up the event to other local schools and practitioners can lead to a wonderful community training event, the sharing of best practice and providing a very cost-efficient model of presenting Continuing Professional Development to all staff.

With our free training option, we rely upon a school or setting being able to act as a host school. Staff from that school or setting will receive free training, while other local schools and settings will be invited to book places on the training for a minimal cost with discounts if four or more places are booked at once from one school. Other advantages to this model are that the school need not be shut so no INSET day is used up, and Jenny can work with children whilst delegates observe her practice!

For all enquiries, phone 01225 767157 or email:

INSET Training