Staff Wellbeing Training

It made me think carefully about how I manage my time!” Catherine Ansley, Chesham Primary School, Bury

Ever wanted to put yourself first, to boost your own energy levels, and think about staff wellbeing, but found you are supporting and energising everyone around you instead? This course is for you! You will learn invaluable techniques for boosting your own energy systems starting with looking at where your own energy dissipates to on a daily basis. You will also look at your own work/life balance and staff wellbeing and discuss how this impacts on every facet of your working life.

Jenny Mosley’s unique system of ‘bin it, bag it and bring it’ will help you sort out all the competing demands that you need to deal with day to day. You will also take a fresh look at your vision of a happy organisation and about the relationships and teamwork within it.

Expected Learning Outcomes And Benefits:

  • Delegates will learn about how to enhance self-esteem and morale of all staff, and to check if all adults are using positive language with each other and the children.
  • Participants will learn how to keep their own energy levels high using Jenny Mosley’s ‘bin it, bag it and bring it’ and Golden Moments systems.
  • This course gives everyone a chance to reflect on their own energy levels and on how to personally boost their energy levels in order to achieve their own full potential.

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