Staff Wellbeing Training

New for 2021

Staff Wellbeing Training Online Webinar with Wellbeing Action Plan and Handouts Included – Click to find out more!

Staff wellbeing training is always Jenny’s first consideration when visiting a school or providing a consultation. Most importantly, there is a clear link between staff wellbeing and child wellbeing. Also to self-esteem, resilience, good mental health, emotional balance and energy.

“We spend a lot of time in our setting encouraging the staff to look at and support children’s well-being and of course this is a priority but for us our staff are also a priority.  With ever increasing challenges in education we realise that times are hard for staff and I questioned how can you support children and their well being when your own well-being is low. We wanted to show staff we care and give them the tools to recognise and look after their own well-being which is where Jenny came in.  She provided a wonderful day of training, it was fun and engaging but most importantly it gave staff time away from the school to think about how to look after themselves.  As well as making us laugh (which was therapy in itself) Jenny taught us how to be reflective on what happens during the day, what feelings we encounter and how to deal with them effectively.  Staff left feeling ready to take on the challenges of education and I left confident that my staff were happier and more in control of their own well being. It truly was a great day so thank you Jenny it was a pleasure working with you.” Emma Rose Pobjoy, Headteacher, Pastures Way Nursery School, Luto

What Does Staff Wellbeing Training Cover?

Among Jenny’s other creative and energising training modules, Staff Wellbeing Training covers:

  • How to overcome ‘lack of energy’ – let’s face it, tired, frazzled staff don’t inspire! Being at your best so that you can help others you need a Personal Care Plan to keep your work/life balance.
  • Jenny’s Five Wells Wellbeing Model is highly acclaimed in education and is a wonderful way of looking after yourself.
  • How to make a commitment to a simple daily mindfulness ritual that will revolutionise your positivity.
  • Mental health requires that every individual has a voice and that good, effective listening is within the culture; how to create safe listening systems for all children and adults.
  • Self-esteem is a core concept in understanding wellbeing. This is what motivates us – delegates will see how to build it in ourselves and others.
  • Laughter Fun and Spontaneity – How can we nurture healing qualities in ourselves so that we become more resilient?

New for 2021

Staff Wellbeing Training  Online Webinar with Wellbeing Action Plan and Handouts Included – Click to find out more!

What Does Ofsted Say About Staff Wellbeing 

These below are all from the Ofsted 2016 School Inspection Handbook. In outstanding schools, leaders …

“… and governors have created a culture that enables pupils and staff to excel. They are committed unwaveringly to setting high expectations for the conduct of pupils and staff. Relationships between staff and pupils are exemplary.” 

“… and staff reflect on and debate the way they teach. They feel deeply involved in their own professional development. Leaders have created a climate in which teachers are motivated and trusted to take risks and innovate in ways that are right for their pupils.” 

“… governors have a deep, accurate understanding of the school’s effectiveness informed by the views of pupils, parents and staff. They use this to keep the school improving by focusing on the impact of their actions in key areas.” 

“… promote equality of opportunity and diversity exceptionally well, for pupils and staff, so that the ethos and culture of the whole school prevents any form of direct or indirect discriminatory behaviour. Leaders, staff and pupils do not tolerate prejudiced behaviour.” 

Read A Testimonial From A Delegate After Staff Wellbeing Training

Jenny was a much needed breath of fresh air and delivered our training with passion and boundless energy. Her ability to gauge very quickly our school’s needs and adapt her sessions is an indication of her enormous experience in the field. She was honest throughout and was able to deliver some tough messages through kindness, attentiveness and empathy. We are so thrilled to now start implementing the great work Jenny did with us and are excited to continue this relationship with her!” Matthew Connell, Primary Principal, Kuwait Bilingual School

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“School culture, ethos and environment affects wellbeing and attainment. The physical and social environment in which staff and pupils spend a high proportion of every weekday may have profound effects on their physical, emotional and mental health as well as affecting their attainment.” (Promoting and improving the nation’s health.: The link between pupil health and wellbeing and attainment Public Health England, 2014)

Staff Wellbeing Training