Lunchtime Supervisor Training

Lunchtime Supervisor Training

Jenny Mosley’s Lunchtime Supervisor Training is unparalleled in approach and sought after by schools up and down the country and overseas! Fun, interactive and extremely practical, Jenny works closely with groups of supervisors to support and empower them while providing a new outlook on working with children over this potentially tricky part of the day.

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for such a wonderful Lunchtimes Supervisor Training day at Crosfield School. It was truly inspiring both me both professionally and personally. You have put life in perspective and I hope to bring the children at my school a piece of your guidance through me. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to have met you and I hope our paths cross again. Many many thanks.” Mrs Simone Hutchinson – Teaching Assistant and Lunchtimes Manager, Oaklands Infant School, Crowthorne 2015

You can see many other sample training testimonials here.

Jenny’s lunchtime supervisor training can take the form of INSET training, Working in School Days or whole lunchtime training days or shorter lunchtime workshops. We have open training conferences around the country and through the year. You can search for the next course in your area.

Lunchtime Supervisor Training for School Dining Halls

Jenny promotes working towards calm school dining halls, through Lunchtime Supervisor Training, by helping lunchtime supervisors and midday supervisors introduce dining hall rules, efficient dining hall systems and many practical, common sense ideas the can be implemented immediately. Going back to basics and using simple, tried and tested approaches, Jenny’s Lunchtime Supervisor Training for dining halls empowers practitioners. It helps adults communicate better with children, promote positive behaviour, introduce simple systems that work to create calm and to reduce noise and queues. This way, lunchtimes flow much better in school and at the same time delivering a healthier dining experience for children.

You may like to see our dining hall articles in Headteacher Update, the TES and Education Today (p.19). You can also read a lunchtimes training blog about dining hall systems that really work or an alternative blog about a booking for training that covered 9 different schools and a week-long project.

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say that we have been running your Golden ticket / table idea for the last two weeks, following on from the training you gave in Peterborough a few weeks ago. It has made a huge difference to the noise levels in the dinner hall and the children are loving trying to win a ticket, by being the first to notice me with my hand up for quiet, helping to tidy away and playing new games with different groups of children. Many Thanks for the fantastic course.” Claire Belson – Senior Midday Supervisor Northborough Primary School 2016

midday supervisors and lunchtime supervisors

Lunchtime Supervisor Training For Playgrounds And Playtimes

Out in the playground, Jenny empowers Midday Supervisors and Lunchtime Supervisors through Lunchtime Supervisor Training so that they can lead children towards more active and happy playtimes. Jenny introduces unique strategies to help engage and motivate children whilst encouraging positive behaviour and teamwork. Initiatives that Jenny has originated and promotes include:

  • Playground friends
  • Playground zoning
  • Playground rules
  • Playground games
  • Playground behaviour – incentives and consequences
  • Ideas for Playground friendships and teamwork

Every school is unique, just as every child is unique, and we will happily tailor our training to meet the needs of your school or setting.

midday supervisors and lunchtime supervisors

Lunchtime supervisors help to keep playtimes calm, fun and interesting! With Jenny Mosley’s Lunchtime Supervisor Training, these members of staff are empowered to encourage and inspire children to play traditional and new playground games and activities. Some of Jenny’s resources are on useful cards so that children can use them themselves. It doesn’t take long for everyone to become more active and engaged in the playground and children make great teachers themselves – teaching other children the games that they have learnt – or just following the instructions for themselves.

The rewards and sanctions notelets pads can be kept in a pocket and used to reinforce the Playground Golden Rules – the notelets can be filled in and given to the child. Jenny also recommends midday supervisors and lunchtime supervisors having lunchtime certificate pads that can be used to reward children who are doing really well at keeping to all the rules while they are at play.

Lunchtime staff have such an important role to play in the smooth running of a school. They help determine whether a school is happy or not and can have a profound effect on individual children’s lives. All of Jenny Mosley’s Lunchtimes Supervisor Training provides helpful advice, as well as providing empowerment for staff, in an easy to follow, accessible style that is full of good ideas to help create calm and happy lunchtimes.

A significant proportion of the happiness and productivity of many classrooms and playgrounds is dependent upon the energy, enthusiasm and skill of the midday supervisors, lunchtime supervisors and teaching assistants. It seems that very often their skills left to develop through practical experience only. We believe that pupils benefit greatly when Lunchtime Supervisor Training and training for Teaching Assistants is promoted. Teaching Assistants benefit from working alongside teachers and alongside Jenny Mosley in circle times, co-running circles of support for troubled pupils, helping to bring out creativity within pupils and raising self-esteem of the whole class. Lunchtime supervisors can hone their skills through training of running successful, calm and productive lunchtimes and playtimes through lunchtimes training courses.

Come to us with your own ideas for training for Midday Supervisors and training for TAs and we will propose a programme to help your school flourish. (Alternatively we can design a programme which will suit both teachers and teaching assistants.)

All our training courses feature Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model – and each course is tailor-made to each request. When you contact Jenny Mosley’s offices, you will have your own dedicated training administrator where you can request a greater or lesser emphasis on any aspect of the Golden Model.


Lunchtime Supervisor Resources

Resources To Help Create Calm Dining Halls

Jenny’s Positive Press shop lovingly creates and stocks resources for lunchtime supervisors to use in the Dining Hall – from handy pocket books to games books, posters ,signs and staff books to really help sort out your lunchtimes and to make these as happy, healthy and active as they can be! Our original Dining Hall Book and Dining Hall Helper resources are already making a big difference to many schools. You can find all our Dining Hall Resources in our Webshop. All of these resources back up and help embed Jenny’s Lunchtime Supervisor Training.

Whether the problem is too much noise, queues being too long, children not eating well or over-stressed Midday Supervisors and Lunchtime Supervisors, Jenny has training and resources to help bring a sense of order and to motivate hard-working staff.

The drive for making school lunches much more healthy for children is making an impact. To celebrate children choosing healthy options for lunch, we have produced a fabulously colourful range of funky fruit and vegetable posters. These are accompanied by the lovely Wally Wheelbarrow’s Guide for Healthy Eating.


Resources For Lunchtime Supervisors To Create Happy, Active Playgrounds And Playtimes

Out in the playground, our Playground Games Books and Midday Supervisors Packs always fly off the shelves – which is how we know that schools are relying upon them to enliven playtimes! Many schools are now zoning their playgrounds to make better use of their space, you can find all the zone signs and zone manager resources in our Webshop.


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