Shared Learning in Enniskillen – and Parents Workshops for Wellbeing

It was such a pleasure to be invited back to Enniskillen in Northern Ireland to train in Enniskillen Nursery School and this time to work with parents from three nursery settings.

The first workshop was from 7.30 until 9 on a weekday evening. I did wonder, as it clashed with children’s bedtimes and end-of-day tiredness, how many people would come along but we were delighted when 40 parents turned up! It was amazing. Our theme was the wellbeing of adults and children and our focus was upon looking after ourselves first so that we have enough energy to look after the children and everyone else.

(A lovely analogy here is on the aeroplane when, in the event of an emergency, you must put on your own oxygen mask first, and then put on the children’s masks!)

I was delighted with the talk and with the reactions from the parents, many of whom seemed to struggle with their own wellbeing, whilst worrying about that of their children. It was telling that 100% of the parents attending thought that the talk was helpful. Here are a couple of comments from the parents:

“Absolutely great information. Sometimes as a parent we can get wrapped up in fixing children’s behaviour.”

“So, refreshing to retune our brains as adults and parents. Looking forward to my Golden Time.”

“A fun way to learn to improve your mind and body.”

The next day I followed up the evening training with a practical demonstration of Circle Time For Parents.  I have done many of these before in the past and they’re very moving

(Have a look at these past blogs where I worked with parents in a circle:

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In my experience the issues which bind parents together are universal, issues like:

  • I’m anxious as to whether I’m getting my parent thing right.
  • I’m worried about my child’s behaviour and if I allow him to have a formal assessment will it go on his records for ever.
  • We’re splitting up and I don’t know how we can handle it well for my kid’s sake.
  • I don’t know how to get my children off to bed.  As a single parent I’m dreading night times now.

So it was the same with this brave band of parents in Enniskillen – different issues and worries emerged and, as ever, the knowledge  and understanding within the group was huge. People were being empathic and helpful – with much more knowledge than a single facilitator could help with.

We examined the use of helpful phrases like:

  • ‘I need help when …’
  • ‘I need help with …’

And the response from the others in the circle could be:

  • ‘Would if help if …’

Shared Education in Enniskillen

I was also really interested to know that the Nurseries are working with a Shared Education model. We are very grateful to Jenny Boyd, Principal of Enniskillen Nursery School for this information about Shared Education.

Through the Shared Education Policy in Northern Ireland school communities are given the opportunity to work together. There are 5 purposes of shared education

  • To deliver educational benefits to children
  • To promote the efficient and effective use of resources
  • To promote equality of opportunities
  • To promote good relations
  • To promote respect for identity, diversity and community cohesion

This Shared Education community of Enniskillen Nursery School, Enniskillen Integrated Nursery Unit and Holy Trinity Nursery Unit brought Jenny Mosley to Enniskillen to deliver talks to both staff and parents on wellbeing.

This year 40 parents and families benefit

ed from an evening talk on how they can look after their own Well Being followed up the next morning by experiencing a circle time with each other.


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