A Great Way To Start the New Year – Refreshing School Systems and Invigorating Samba INSET, Riverview Primary School, Epsom

What a wonderful way to start the new year – with spot-on INSET training to motivate and refresh everyone. I was fortunate enough to be returning to train at Riverview Primary and Nursery School, Epsom, Surrey on Friday 5th January 2018. It is a school that I have worked at before and the visionary Headteacher, Mercy Atkins, decided to book an inset day right at the start of the new year so I could help them refresh and re-energise all their listening lunchtime and wellbeing systems.

Even in the most amazing schools, the best  systems need regular shining up to keep them all on top form and to give staff a chance to reflect upon good practice and practice that needs refreshing. It’s a great model to use for the new year to help everyone get off on the right foot – and the morning went really well.

Over the years I have gathered small groups of wonderful creative art leaders who work with teachers and children in schools, and it is so exciting when a school requests working with one of them. I suggested that Mercy and the staff might like to have a real boost and do something completely different in the afternoon …. so I called in Samba specialist, Dave Brooks, to give a really amazing afternoon Samba workshop. Here is just a snippet from the afternoon!

Is it so important for staff, with all the pressure they have from their work, to emphasise the importance of engaging creatively with each other and of having fun. The staff engaged amazingly with the Samba drumming!

“Thank you so, so much for Friday.  Timely and exactly what we needed at this time to continue to improve and learn. Another incredibly successful day for us and the  staff are raring to go. THANK YOU.”  Mercy Atkins, Headteacher, Riverview Primary and Nursery School, Epson.

We look forward to hearing feedback from the staff about the Samba!


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