Power of Puppets – Using Puppets with Primary Children

“Fantastic, passionate facilitator – informative and empowering” Chloe Gillie, SEAL co-ordinator, Prague British School.

“I will now use puppets more often to deal with conflicts in the playground, classroom etc.” C.J. Coleman, Holy Cross RC Primary School

Learn how to bring the puppets alive! Using puppets helps children develop emotional strength and self-esteem.  They can become the agents of change in their own and others lives. Jenny’s training for puppets with primary children is a super course that will inspire you!

This course will teach you how to develop a range of skills and to boost your confidence in using a range of puppets and props to tell stories for circles of children.  Puppets can be used to create magical metaphors – and thereby developing children’s speaking, listening and thinking skills.

Expected learning outcomes and benefits:

This course will give you the opportunities to:

  • Introduce the puppets to children learn how to develop characters;
  • Explore the role of storytelling through puppets;
  • Learn how to ‘work’ the puppets to captivate and motivate children and to enhance the curriculum;
  • Use puppets for circle time games and rounds.
  • Explore ways to use puppets to explore a range of situations around the children’s own social and emotional development.

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