Let’s Celebrate the Good Things In Schools!

Really pleased – I love it when schools take the time to celebrate what’s going well as opposed to concentrating on yet another things they’ve got to do too quickly without basking in the lovely glow.

At a school I was at this week, it was great to see they’ve had a good OFSTED and they’ve really celebrated and made the most of it. They’ve made a beautiful big poster that will last a long time and will give everybody a real lift when they look at it. I wish all schools would find the good bits and blow their trumpets loudly!  Some schools have a golden book, and if any parents or supply teachers say what a lovely time they’ve had they are asked it to write it In ‘The Book’!! Some schools have an ongoing ‘Above and Beyond’ board for staff, where everyone writes ‘thank yous’ on post-it notes. These notes are then put into a tombola and go into a draw and whichever one is pulled out gets a bottle of wine or chocolate. Whatever your approach is, your Staff Wellbeing Committee needs to come up with ideas to CELEBRATE all the good news.



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