All Children Need Circle Time

‘Ive just had the most wonderful experience!! I am now back into face to face training in schools – and loving every minute of working with children and adults again. It’s strange isn’t it that sometimes you need a break to look at everything with new eyes. I had thought I would be happily contemplating retirement at this stage of my life – but I am so relieved to feel well and energetic that I want to make the most of the huge joy and privilege I experience in supporting tired or overstretched adults in schools.

So, I was thrilled to say ‘yes’ to Sharon Tennant, Principal of Sandelford Spiecal Educational School. She offered me two days. One day working with all her staff so I could help them look at their own Personal Care Plans and whether they need to inject more energy and vibrancy into their engagement with circle time.

The second day saw me working in four different classrooms with the children. Wonderful, brave, and kind children… with a huge capacity for laughter and fun. In special needs schools I believe in pulling together children from different classes into Family Circles. If you choose the circles carefully you can ensure that there is a range of children who have different abilities to offer each other. When a circle has adults and children in it, powerfully exploring a range of games, puppet work, movement, and sound… as long as there are no big gaps in the circle… it creates a huge swell of energy and emotional warmth. You tend to end up loving the people you laugh and dance with!!!

So a massive ‘thank you’ to Sharon, Mary, Claire and Rachel the senior leaders who made it all happen… and to all the passionate, hardworking, committed staff who were so open to trying out new things and who gave so much back in terms of support and ideas.


Website Editor’s Notes

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