Sports Premium Funding and Playgrounds

Sports Premium Funding

Getting playtimes just right has been a major focus for Jenny Mosley Consultancies for many years. Taking the healthy option with a range of physical activities is the key to making lunchtimes
and playtimes both enjoyable and great for health and development.

250x167_photo-66Using Sports Premium Funding is a great way take lunchtimes and playtimes to the next level and really maximise the opportunities for physical exploration and enjoymen
t for children. Jenny was on the Government’s task force – Physical Education and School’s Sports Committee (PESS) because of her passion for traditional games, skipping and playground activities. The BBC in a programme called ‘Just One Chance’ featured her lunchtime work.

Training Options

A typical training day could involve Jenny working with midday supervisors and teaching assistants (and anyone else involved with lunchtimes) in a morning training session from 9.30-11.30. She would then go into the playground of the hosting school and look at the quality of play and what more can be done to make lunchtimes a very positive and healthy experience for everyone. After lunch break she would finish the day with a second training session from 1.30-3.00pm.

It makes sound (and financial) sense to work with another school or group of schools or settings and there are different training options for Jenny to work in one school with others observing or to work in each school. Alternatively our very popular Working in School day can be really transformative. This involves Jenny working not just with midday supervisors and teaching assistants in training sessions and in the playground, but also with classes of children in school.  Experience has taught us that if Circle Time is not a vibrant time for children then huge lunchtime learning opportunities are being lost.  Jenny maintains that Circle Time is aboutchildren strengthening their relationships, learning social skills and teaching each other enjoyable games so that when they are outside we can see if they have really internalised the values and skills that they have learnt in Circle Time and will need now and in later life.

For all enquiries about lunchtimes training, training for social and emotional resilience, communication skills and positive behaviour phone 01225 767157 or email