Aaaaargh ……WET PLAY!

Aaaaaargh  … WET PLAY!! Two words that strike dread into the soul. Not only am I regularly quizzed, on my lunchtime conferences, for good ideas on how to make the most of it – but I still, even having given up proper teaching years ago, experience regular wet play too.

(Some of you will know that one of the most popular training option request is for me to work in classes to run circletime, then eat with the children in the dining hall, play and observe in the playground and then afterwards, meet up with the mid-day supervisors for a feedback session.) Often I can’t go out into the fresh air and organise exciting, fun traditional games, or set up comic challenges (eg Can you … hop on that long line patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time, then pick up something yellow, touch something red and get back to me – they’re gone for hours!!!) … I have to be IN because it’s wet play.

However – there is still some fun to be had.  All the ‘Playground Friends’ (or Play Leaders/Buddies/Mediators – such a range of names nowadays!) are still assigned in their role to the indoor classes. Two to each class.  They must still wear their ‘uniform’ so we can quickly check from the doorway that they are doing their duties. I love seeing two tall ‘yellow caps’ holding hands on the carpet in a circle with little children playing ‘Electric Squeeze’!! There in folks lies the key to success. The Playground Friends organise the Wet Playbox – one does circletime on the carpet, one organises board games, battle ships (do you remember that dot to dot game), Jacks, Cats Cradle … the list is endless.

The mid-day supervisors can then be on ‘patrol’, maybe a couple of them could run a DVD club in the library on a rota system, or sports club type activities in the hall also on a rota system.

For good ideas look out for our new wet play ezine coming later this month.… with five Top Tips for great Wet Play ideas! To sign up, just register on our website by creating an account. We also have a great Wet Playtimes Games book (Click here to see it)and other great resources that you can use (Click here).

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