Playing and playfulness – can we still just ‘let go’ and play?

“The playing adult steps sideward into another reality; the playing child advances forward to new stages of mastery.” Erik H. Erikson

It’s so important to let go of doing ‘stuff’ and just play!!!  Over the years I have written lots on my blog about Glastonbury festival and how it allows adults space and time to play. I think it gives everyone an opportunity to dress up and be silly – and explore all their other selves which are often hidden. Never underestimate how important playtimes are for children. A few weeks ago I wrote to you all about the dressing up areas and stages we set up in our Golden Schools playgrounds – and how these can re-energise and re-ignite imagination, release tension and reinvigorate social interaction (blog link here and another here).

It’s important though, for children, that we ourselves are playful and joyful. So lovely people if you are on holiday – enjoy some great playtimes for yourself.

Just because I adore the artist Kurt Jackson – I am going to share with you the painting that is the most expensive thing I have ever given to myself – what I love about it is that it shows in the foreground people in their wellies dancing in the rain and lightening – on the Thursday – the day before Glastonbury even starts.  It is now in my small kitchen to remind me to remember to play and dance and laugh and have fun.

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