Ever considered the Golden Rules being used at home?

After revisiting New Zealand in 2012 we received a lovely “Golden Rules at home” story that we would like to share with you. This fits so well with our thoughts on the Golden Rules and toddlers that we have recently created a whole new boxed set especially for young children.

The teachers that Jenny trained were highly enthused about the model and even the parents became very involved. So much so that one of the teachers received a lovely little story to this effect from a parent:

“Hi I thought I’d share this with you, we talked about the Golden Rules at home a lot when my child started at school, and then we decided to live by them at home too. We had a family meeting to talk about them and what they meant in our home context, agreed on a couple of extra rules for us at home, and then my child and I together wrote them out, coloured them in and put them in a frame on the living room wall.

Whenever we don’t behave according to the rules (that includes us parents tooI!) we need to go to the spare room to sort out our feelings and come back when we are ready to apologise. It works well. Everyone who enters our home is expected to follow the rules too, even Grandparents when they come to visit! Consequently poor Grandad had to go to the spare room to sort himself out when he interrupted my child’s story on Saturday night 🙂

Thought you’d enjoy this little story. Take care”

Website Editor’s Notes

  1. Names and places are concealed because this is a personal story.
  2. Jenny Mosley’s Golden Rules are used very successfully in numerous Early Years settings and schools in the UK and abroad. The Golden Rules are an important part of Jenny Mosley’s Golden Model for positive behaviour, improved social and emotional skills and for becoming a speaking and listening school.
  3. Fabulous resources for the Golden Rules are available on our website www.circle-time.co.uk/shop
  4. A great new set of Toddler Board Books are available in our webshop HERE.
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