Let’s talk about the ‘Tell A Good Tale Jar’ and ‘Class Target Reward’ System!

Sometimes its really good to think about how to motivate children to be really positive and to notice each other’s good social skills and good listening. In our experience, many pupils respond really well to group incentives – here are some ideas that are already embedded in the QCT model.

‘Class Target Rewards’ are often monitored using a classroom poster – we have attractive reusable posters in the webshop with a lovely underwater theme featuring fish, and the other one with stars and planets – both have reusable stickers.  Every class can have one.  This initiative is very teacher oriented.  The teacher selects a class target which could be listening, handwriting, lining up, carpet time – whatever most needs tackling in that class.  The new target is typed up regularly and placed above the poster, ideally with a photo of the children achieving the target and then whenever the teacher or TA spots the good behaviour the fish or star gets put onto the poster.  When the poster is full up there is a celebration.

The ‘Tell A Good Tale’ Jar uses a glass jar and big golden marbles that make a wonder kerchink sound when they are dropped in – dramatically held first above the jar for a moment first. Children can nominate other children after each playtime for things that they have identified together. Children who’ve stopped telling tales, children who invite other children into their games, children who line up calmly, who come up with great ideas for games, play fairly etc, etc. Any child can nominate any child – as long as it’s not their best friend. They have to stand up, look at the child they’re happy with and say ‘thank you Jess for not calling me a name today!!!’ If they are using it indiscriminately just for the joy of speaking then the teacher can specify a behaviour they need to look out for or certain that we are going to spot the good things about (but making sure every child by the end of the year has been highlighted.) In the playground the supervisors have Golden tickets, these they give out to any child with the words “good choice, when you opened the door, that was kind” “Good choice when you lined up calmly that was gentle”.  Ie the last words always relate to the Golden Rules or the Safety Rules.  They then hold their Golden ticket, take it to their teacher after play and the teacher invites them to take a marble and kerchink it in themselves.  The Golden raffle ticket is put in a draw once a month for a small prize. Teachers can also ‘Tell A Good Tale’ – but it can be any tale – not related to the specific target they’re all working on.

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