New Zealand Train the Trainers Course and PB4L in 2018

In August 2018 Jenny is thrilled to be coming to New Zealand to run a 4-day in-depth Train the Trainers course. The course will focus upon positive behaviour for learning (PB4L), social and communication skills, improving self-confidence and self-esteem, pupil and staff wellbeing and positive lunchtimes and playtimes.

Here’s what Jenny said, “I am really, really excited I will be going back to New Zealand to run my fourth in-depth residential train The Trainers course. Over the years I have met so many fabulous New Zealand educators and together we create a lovely magic potion of energy and creativity so I can’t wait to get back. Many schools have found my Quality Circle Time model very useful for PB4L.”

Jenny Whitehead is arranging this residential Train the Trainers course where delegates will be able to observe Jenny working with children of different ages and backgrounds. All delegates will leave as an accredited trainer in the educational model, able to deliver the training themselves to teachers and children in their school and in other local schools.

I thank you for your amazing presentation of such a life-changing philosophy and positive programme that sustains respectful and systematic life in schools. Long may your bubbly enthusiasm spread the message that educators need to adopt and adapt into their own ecological environments for the wellbeing and growth of all there. I was so fortunate to be part of this group of like-minded people all enjoying the learnings and revisiting that you have so generously imparted to us.” Julie Fox – Cluster Manager  Nga Hau e Wha Papakura/Pukekohe Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour 2016

If you, or any colleagues are interested in attending it’s not too late! Please get in touch with Jenny Whitehead, RTLB Area Coordinator Cluster 17 Hei Huruhuru  Email:   Ph +64 27 2804952

Here is what one past Train the Trainers delegate wrote:  “Just to say that Jenny has delivered in Nelson most successfully over our 4 days!! As she was when I first met Jenny – dynamic, beautiful and her vision and presentation style are second none in the world!! We have had thank yous from participants overnight and this morning. This tells everything as so often little comes back. Jenny has certainly spread her very special ‘Jenny star-dust’ across this region. Just wanted to say thanks. What an extraordinary lady!!!” Lyn Evans – Cluster Manager Nelson Bays RTLB, New Zealand 2016

For Naenae Primary, a Decile 1 school in Lower Hutt, embarking on the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) School-Wide journey has transformed students, staff and even the school grounds… “We started off by focussing on the positives. We knew we couldn’t change everything at once, so we just took little steps,” says Principal Murray Bootten. The school used the Quality Circle Time approach to teach ‘golden rules’ based on the school’s values of caring and respect for others. Murray says consistently teaching and acknowledging positive behaviour has improved behaviour and learning across the school markedly. “We are now all speaking the same language, in the classroom, in the staffroom and in the playground.” (from an article featuring Principal Murray Bootten, Naenae Primary School)













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  2. To find out more about this unique training, please contact Jenny Whitehead, RTLB Area Coordinator Cluster 17 Hei Huruhuru  Email:   Phone +64 27 2804952
  3. Alternatively contact Jenny Mosley’s offices Email: Phone (+44)1225 767157
  4. Jenny Mosley provides unique training in the UK and overseas and is an author of many book titles,
  5. Read a quote from the Ministry of Education, New Zealand “Quality Circle Time (QCT) is a democratic and creative approach used to support teachers and other professionals in managing a range of issues that affect the whole learning community. Teaching staff, children, support staff, parents and governors can be actively involved. QCT has proved to promote better relationships and positive behaviour – two of the most effective improvements to both learning and the smooth running of a school”. Ministry of Education. New Zealand.