Westfield Infant School Champions Food for Life for the Royal College of Medicine

With all the interest in healthy schools, nutritious meals and educating children about food, Jenny was delighted to train at a school very close to her heart this week. Jenny has worked closely with the fabulous Headteacher, Jill MacLauchlan, and her team at the school over the years – addressing positive behaviour, improving children’s social competencies, lunchtimes, dining halls and playtimes. During a great training day, Jenny was very interested to learn that the school has recently won a “Food for Life” Gold Award.

The school children have been growing their own vegetables to contribute to the school lunches as part of The Soil Association’s Food for Life programme. The project at the school was filmed film as part of a film called “Food the future of medicine” and this was shown at the College of Medicine where it was warmly received. This was produced in partnership with the College of Medicine and ITN Productions.

You can see the film HERE.

Jeanette Orrey has visited the school to see the project and she also speaks on the film. Jeanette is an ex-school catering manager, whose inspirational approach to overhauling school meals and making them Calm dining hallsmuch more healthy for children, is credited with inspiring Jamie Oliver’s school meals campaign. We are very fortunate that Jeanette wrote the foreword to Jenny’s own lunchtime book “How To Create Calm Dining Halls”. Jeanette is currently School Meals Policy Advisor for the Soil Association.

Jenny Mosley’s approach to calm dining halls includes working on the systems that run throughout dining halls to make lunchtimes more healthy and happy for everyone involved. Jenny has also produced inspirational, colourful fruit and vegetable posters, designed to encourage children to be interested in and enjoy more fruit and vegetables. The posters accompany a unique book, also for sale in Jenny’s webshop, entitled: “Wally Wheelbarrow’s Guide for Healthy Eating”. The book is fun and colourful, giving a brilliant guide to healthy eating, information about the fruits and vegetables that it features plus fantastic child-friendly recipes using the fresh ingredients, and the recipes are tried and tested by children.

Wallys Healthy Eating

Fruit and Vegetable Posters


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