Summer in Kuwait – A 4-Day Wellbeing Training Trip

I have recently come home from a return trip to Kuwait, having initially trained there in October 2018. I was so delighted to be invited back to work in this large, progressive international school – Kuwait Bilingual School – on different aspects of wellbeing. It was so lovely to see many people who I worked with last year and I also met many new members of staff which was wonderful. Such an amazing idea to work with them during part of their induction. It was a delight to work closely with Primary Principal, Matthew Connell to create a bespoke wellbeing programme that would tick all the boxes for the school. A huge thank you to Matthew for all his support and for helping to keep the vision going so amazingly well whilst ably steering the Primary School.  Some days I worked with small groups, and on other days I worked with 260 school staff from Early Years through to Primary and Secondary Schools. At the bottom of this post is a little video clip of some of us working together – do click to watch!

I would love to share with you the layout of the programmes – each day was totally different from all the other days, but together the days made a powerful raft of shared knowledge, experience and many motivating and inspirational ideas to take back to individual classrooms.

Day 1 – How to Inspire – Leading from the Inside Out

This was a day for middle leaders – all about leadership, listening, being inspirational and leading by example. We also looked at the strengths of running good assemblies for the year groups or the whole school. It wouldn’t have been a proper leadership day without looking at conflict negotiation.

Day 2 – Developing and Promoting The Ethos Of Our School

This was another well-planned day to help bring new staff warmly into the fold by sharing the overall vision with them. The day involved looking at positive behaviour, school ethos and the 5 skills and, importantly, discussions about mental health and self-care plans which are areas that can make such a difference to both teaching and learning within a school.

Day 3 – A Whole School Approach To Positive Play In The Class And Playground –

This was a highly energising day, full of laughter, vibrancy and fun. We looked at wellbeing through games, activities and fun, focusing on the need to introduce energisers and calmers to use at different times during the day to support formal teaching sessions.

Day 4 –  Working With PYP Teacher Teams

This was a day for working in teams and looking at different aspects of positive behaviour and wellbeing. It was a day of reinforcement of the earlier training and it’s always great for delegates to have time to ask lots of questions.

So a huge great big thank you to all the staff and leaders for an amazing four days focusing on the wellbeing of all the children and adults.



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