Magical Kuwait – and the Five Skills Posters

Returning from my recent trip to work in Kuwait Bilingual School has given me a little time to reflect upon the work and the culture there – before returning to focus upon UK INSET training days. I love the way the school takes to its heart many of the Whole School Golden Model – strategies and ideas such as the Five Skills and Golden Rules. Matthew Connell saw that our original posters and resources may not speak out to the children in Kuwait so he has had these adapted so that they ‘speak’ to, and share values with, all the children there. We love the look of these new posters and hope that the children do too!

(Please see towards the end of this blog a clip of me and some of the delegates working together – just click to watch!)

The Five Skills, essential for communication and learning, that we encourage children to work and focus on when they are starting out on the Circle Time journey, are:

  • Listening Skills
  • Speaking Skills
  • Thinking Skills
  • Looking Skills
  • Concentrating Skills

In some ways, these very skills were what I needed most for training new staff, the leadership team, the whole primary teams and secondary teams too – as well as a huge amount of Golden energy!!

Thank you again to Matthew and all the team in Kuwait!



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