Engaging With Empathy – Jenny’s Zoom Conference with The Teacher Foundation in India

In August Jenny conferenced via Zoom with the wonderful Maya Menon and The Teacher Foundation from Bangalore, India. Jenny was invited to talk about “Engaging with Empathy” and many teachers were invited to join in the Zoom session so it was a lively, online live streamed session. Many teachers signed up for the session and many more have since joined in in retrospect watching the recorded session.

See the recorded session here. 

Jenny has enjoyed working many times in India with The Teacher Foundation so it was lovely working with teachers at this time when many people are feeling separated.

A big Thank You to everyone at The Teacher Foundation – we look forward to the next meet up!

If you are interested in Zoom or Microsoft Teams training with Jenny do get in touch! circletime@jennymosley.co.uk


Website Manager’s Notes

  • Thank you to all at The Teacher Foundation 
  • To watch Jenny’s session, go to the  Link Here
  • Jenny’s own Recovery Resource training package is called ‘From Lockdown to Listening and Learning‘ and it is available to purchase for a whole staff team from this website. There are session plans, staff meetings all focused on the wellbeing of staff and children and helping to get everyone listening and learning. The link for this package, to read testimonials and see the contents list and purchase options, is HERE.
  • Jenny is producing online courses and working with Zoom training sessions so if you are interested in remote or online training or conferencing please get in touch.

Jenny is also starting to work in schools with safe distancing procedures  so do get in touch!