Training in Kuwait November 2018

I have just returned from a very intense two day training programme in Kuwait Bilingual school.  It was a very exciting training visit because it was so fast-paced, packed with good teachers wanting lots of sound ideas and wide ranging in it’s reach.  Matthew Connell is the dynamic new Primary Principal, who works alongside the very passionately committed Student Wellbeing Supervisor, Amna Latif.  Janice the Director gives the visionary support everyone needs.

What I liked about the overall picture is that they want to build mental health and inclusive calmer classrooms by looking at every aspect of the children’s school life.  So not only did I work with classes of children with a range of staff observing, but I was able to go out to the playtime recess and observe the quality of play and the interactions between the adults and the children – and between the children themselves.  Included in the programme were a team of PE staff who then would be able to promote playground games as part of the curriculum and support some of the initiatives that need to now embed in the playground. 

Kuwait Bilingual School is a very large school and, because I couldn’t meet everyone for my practical workshops, all the staff from the primary and some from the secondary were invited to a big two hour staff meeting where I could explain what we are trying to achieve.  The emphasis on this staff meeting was on staff wellbeing – how they can develop a personal care plan so they have the energy to try out new initiatives, take risks and support each other.

I am going to be helping them embed all these ideas and then, hopefully, I will be going back in a few months time to evaluate the progress and design future ways forward.

A very big thank you to Matthew, Amna, Janice and all the staff who helped to make this an exciting and very fruitful trip.

Website Editor’s Notes

  1. We were thrilled to receive this endorsement from the school after Jenny returned to the UK:

“Jenny was a much needed breath of fresh air and delivered our training with passion and boundless energy. Her ability to gauge very quickly our school’s needs and adapt her sessions is an indication of her enormous experience in the field. She was honest throughout and was able to deliver some tough messages through kindness, attentiveness and empathy. We are so thrilled to now start implementing the great work Jenny did with us and are excited to continue this relationship with her! Matthew Connell, Primary Principal, Kuwait Bilingual School November 2018 

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