The Honour of Wearing The Maori Cloak – or Korowai – A Special Lady and A Maori Tradition

Well what can I say. New Zealand was amazing, magical as always and I had a fabulous time and worked with many brilliant teachers. It is still so interesting how the Maori philosophy fits in so well with what we offer in the Golden Model. (Please see Website Manager’s Notes at the end – where there are links to other blogs that tell more about these links – there’s a link here too!)

During my stay, I was even given the very great honour of wearing the Maori cloak of the wise elder – I felt very privileged not only to wear the korowai but also to feel the warmth, positivity and acceptance surrounding it, something that I will always remember.

The cloak or korowai was lent to me by Carolyne Marino, who attended the Train the Trainers course this Summer. Carolyne is passionate about Maori culture and about circle time … “I have implemented Circle Time in Te Reo Maōri (Maori language) settings and english settings I have grown to be a very passionate Circle Time facilitator and love taking it in classrooms”. She has very kindly written a guest blog about this wonderful cloak and about her life and educational pursuits, so a big thank you for this below.

The Korowai

Ko au te kakahū

Ko te kakahū ko au

I am the cloak

And the cloak is me

My kakahū/korowai … was given to me by the tamariki (children) and whānau of Te Whānau Puāwaitanga, New WIndsor School, Auckland, New Zealand  in 2011 when I left to become an RTLB.  My cloaking ceremony was extremely humbling.  Mansel, Fuchsia and Lewis were there too

In another ceremony Te Whānau Puāwaitanga handed me over to my new RTLB colleagues and I wore my new kakahū.

Not too long after my beloved grandmother Ani passed away in her 100th year, we cloaked her  in my kakahūi for three days as part of her tangi (funeral) ceremony.  We named my kakahū, Kakahū Aroha (Meaning love).

Shortly after my return to work my RTLB cluster 7 held a  noho-marae  (sleep over at a marae).  It was there my kakahū was passed around as a “kakahū kōrero” (talking piece).  It has been used for this on several occasions.

Upon completing my Post Graduate- Specialist Teaching I graduated proudly wearing my Kakahū Aroha at the ceremony.  My Dad, Karen, Mansel and Fuchsia were there with me.

The main focus of my study was supporting Kaupapa Māori (Māori pedagogy); whanaungatanga – building relationships, relational teaching AND learning.  Under this umbrella I focussed also on Circle Time and Restorative Practices.

In July 2017 I wore my kakahū to the opening ceremony of the World Indigenous People’s Conference on Education in Toronto, Canada.  I was part of a  group of representative RTLBs.  We presented the RTLB practice sequence He Urunga Tū-  an entrance to engagement which is underpinned by kaupapa Māori theory.

I have implemented Circle Time in Te Reo Maōri (Maori language) settings and English settings and I have grown to be a very passionate Circle Time facilitator and love taking it in classrooms.

I now have Jenny Mosley and the Circle Time  holistic philosophy woven into my korowai.   I feel  immensely fulfilled,  and extremely honoured.  Thank you so very much  Jenny.

However, I learned it is more than this.   It is your whole life philosophy I love.

My personal life goal is to be the best person , partner, mother, daughter, sister, aunty, friend, and RTLB I can be and I also want to support others to be the best they can be.

Jenny Mosley and Circle Time has touched me  in so many beautiful ways.  But the most powerful aspect for me were your gifts to us especially your closing massage ceremony, our golden moment from you to us. This was one of the most moving moments.

In Māori we call farewells – poroporoaki.  We began our time together with a pōwhiri (welcome) and you closed our time with a poroporoaki.

We  have a saying in Māori;

Aroha atu

Aroha mai”

Love given is love received.

My kakahū is a symbol of this and I only need to wear it to feel the aroha of all who have been cloaked with my kakahūi aroha.

Furthermore, now when I want to remember how to take Circle Time I need only put on my cloak.

Aroha nui,  Carolyne Marino

Grandaughter of Ani Marino

Daughter of Barrie and Marion

(Mother of Lewis 30, who was born in Canterbury Hospital, Kent and Fuchsia 28 born at home)

Website Manager’s Notes

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