When Everything Works So Well, There Are No Pupils Coming to the Headteacher’s Office for their Misdemeanours

(The photograph used to illustrate this blog post is not from the school mentioned in the blog, it is one from a while ago, but it sums up a feeling!)

Yippee – I have just been back to a school I have worked with a couple of times before (Orchard Infant School) and they have taken on all the ideas for lunchtimes.Outside there are wonderful things going on. Happy children, Oranges and Lemons, a Craze of the Week, Midday Supervisors holding hands in ring games, adults playing dressing up games alongside children and just a sense of great fun and laughter.

The Head, Julie, talks very movingly about how, prior to the change in the lunchtimes, she had endless queues of boys outside her office for ‘naughty behaviour’.  She used to dread all the moaning she would have to do at them for various misdemeanours. And then she said the most astonishing thing, that since they have taken on all the new playground, lunchtime and circle time initiatives, she can’t remember the last time she had to tell a child off!! I felt like I wanted to retire immediately on that wonderful note. But life goes on…. 🙂


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