Back to My Primary School – as the Trainer! (And A Remembering About My Antics There!)

What an amazing experience …  I have just been back to my own primary school to train the teachers. Memories came flooding back!  It was a convent when I was there and I remember Sister Peter having a magic wand which was a ruler she tapped near our fingers when she was asking us the times tables. Then if we got it right she would raise the ruler and shout out “MAGIC!”. I was seen as a naughty child. My Mum had just left my Father and I had a new stepfather, but somehow ended up with a double-barrelled name from both fathers. So everyone thought I was posh but we certainly weren’t!!!

So it was for the very attention – that I needed at that time – that I spoke a lot and was seemed to be forever in trouble for talking. (Now I get paid for it it doesn’t seem so bad!!).  But the reward for me being good (and for other girls that made progress) was to feed the Headteacher’s (Sister Mary Peter’s) dog. The dog was called Lucky and Lucky followed her every step around the school. I remember the dog biscuits vividly – they were small and beige and rippled and I remember how we girls were always amazed how excited Lucky was to receive them. So we used to quietly eat some of the biscuits ourselves- convinced that if the dog was this excited they must be worth it! And I remember that slightly bland oaty taste to this day!

I wonder what primary school memories have stayed with you? Why don’t you send them in? Or find the Facebook post about this and pop some memories on there. They don’t have to be funny – but it might cheer us all up if some of them are!


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When Jenny was doing the training,, one of the teachers tooks some photos.

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