Jenny Presents at: Schools of the Future a post pandemic vision for education by The Teacher Foundation, India

One January 20th and 21st and then 27th and 28th, The Teacher Foundation hosted an superb 2023 conference entitled: Schools of the Future: a post pandemic vision for education.

It was a conference by the The Teacher Foundation celebrated 20 years of enabling and inspiring teachers – two decades of working with and supporting teachers and school leaders across India. The conference had some very well known contributors on topics spanning School Leadership, Teaching and Learning, Inclusion, School Spaces and School Wellbeing.

Jenny was delighted to be invited to contribute  virtually  with her  online  presentation:  Future  of  School  Wellbeing: How can teachers facilitate whole child development through the circles of support?  This ‘Drawing Strength from the Circle’ presentation was well attended.

Jenny would like to thank Maya Menon and all at The Teacher Foundation for inviting her to present at this wonderful event.

She would also like to thank Maddie McMahon for helping to organise the presentation from the UK end, using Airmeet and helping to prepare the presentation materials.