A Wonderful Training Trip to St Catherine’s British School in Athens, Greece September 2022

Phew, I am back in the groove of training in international schools. I have been to many countries prior to Covid- and was never sure if this previous life would resurface again

It feels wonderful that it has- I particularly love ‘all- through’ schools- where I can work on an intense programme from nursery through to sixth form.

Because the school has brought me over, they give me a decent amount of time to really get to grips with lots of issues. Working with parents always feels really key to getting the model going in a school. St Catherine’s not only brought in lots of parents but livestreamed it to all the others that couldn’t make it. Work in UK is often piecemeal, schools can’t afford the big investment in one go, so I might go back to a school regularly once or twice a year, for some years. Great schools Plan Do and Review all their systems regularly.

I particularly enjoyed working with the whole staff at St Catherine’s for a big after school meeting. It’s key to a sense of community that Early Years, Primary and Secondary teachers share the same vision. Laughter and fun create relaxed relationships and good shared memories – people can let go of their formal persona – and just be part of a team.

I will write one more blog on this work- I need to talk more about the importance, post-Covid, of working with secondary pupils through Circle Time to support their mental health.

Meanwhile, I hope you are all looking after yourselves- and you have a good Personal Care Plan that you are keeping going’

Thank you to Lucy Shore, Deputy Head of Lower School at St Catherine’s for this little write up about the training week:

St Catherine’s British School Athens, welcomed Jenny Mosely recently and had a busy and productive week. All year groups from Reception to Year 8 had a circle time session, observed by teachers and everyone commented on the positive discussions that resulted. Jenny also led a well-being session for our whole staff. This reminded us of the importance of our own well-being as well as provided us all with a really good laugh on a Tuesday afternoon! The positive feeling in the room at the end of the session was palpable.  Finally, Jenny led a training session with our Learning Support Assistants and coaches on playground games. These are already being implemented and enjoyed by all.   Lucy Shore  Deputy Head of Lower School


Website Manager’s Notes

Jenny is very pleased to be back working in International schools and has further international.

In the past, Jenny has been invited into many key international schools, including:

  • St Paul’s School, Brazil
  • College du Leman, Switzerland
  • The British School in Tokyo
  • Summerhill International School, Tokyo
  • Yoyogi International , Tokyo
  • New International School of Japan, Tokyo
  • Kuwait Bilingual School
  • British International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • St Paul’s School, Brazil
  • British Council School, Madrid
  • Dubai International School
  • St Gabriel’s School, Chile
  • New Zealand Ministry of Education
  • And many many more wonderful schools – these are just a few off the top of my head!